Our blogger of the week is Modern Dad Guru! This great writer is honest, fun and is a great go to blog for Mums and Dads.


What inspired you to start your blog? 

Becoming a dad was a life changing moment. The moment my son Finn joined us, was incredible. It is impossible to describe in words just how euphoric that feeling is. My every thought and decision is now centered around my little ninja. I thought it would be fantastic to connect with other parents online and share my experiences and learn from others. The online parenting world is incredible – a very supportive and positive fraternity. The ModernDad blog is my way of connecting with others and hopefully making a difference for mums and dads out there.

What is your blog about?

Modern Dad is a brutally honest account of being a parent. No frills, some spills and lots of fun experiences.

What are you passionate about?

Finding a passion in life is somewhat of a lucky gift. Some people feel like they are forever searching for that elusive pleasure. I feel so damn lucky to have found passion in what I do. I teach drums, blog often and write books. It’s uber enjoyable and something that has me jumping out of bed each morning. My most recent passion is enjoying the simple things with my son and wife. Life is what you make it.

Where do you see your blog in five years?

The sky is the limit. I am so driven to be the very best dad l can be and I want to see my blog make a difference in other people lives. Fun, honest, organic content is what I see. Being a go-to blog for new dads and mums would be a dream outcome for the Modern Dad Blog in five years time.


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