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My name is Maria Spillane. As a new blogger I’m known as “Mommabee2016”. I initially decided to start a blog because one of my good friends had a few questions about how I figured out this whole “mom thing”. I actually had answers! I never thought I would actually have retained so much information about motherhood and babies. It was an incredible feeling to think I could possibly help others.

Before pregnancy I was nervous and lacked the basic knowledge and know how of being a mom. My blog will be about the constant trial and error of being a new mom and some of the knowledge gained because of it. The blog will be simple, relatable, and written with a conversational style. It will cover a range of topics from what type of bottles and nipples to use, what to pack for grandmas house and what to do when baby won’t stop crying!

My goal for this blog is to let mom’s know what worked for me, what is currently working for me, and what may also work for them. I want new moms to know that they aren’t the only ones out there that may be clueless about raising a kid. There’s a huge community of us out there and nobody has to feel alone. I want my readers to go through this new mom journey with me and I’m hoping my pointers, from my current experience, will work out for some of my fellow Momma Bee’s.

In the next Five years I hope to gain a strong following of new mom friends to go through this life experience with me. Hoping they can teach me things along the way by commenting me (via Twitter,Instagram,Facebook page) and I could maybe help them skip a Few steps to get to what works. I hope my passion for being a strong well versed Momma gets across to my readers.