Blogger of The Week: The Screen Writer’s Wife


Our blogger of the week is Ronni Peck, founder of The Screenwriter’s Wife. Ronni is an Los Angeles resident who is, in fact, a screen writer’s wife. She is an online Grade 8 Algebra teacher who has created this fantastic blog. Even though she is very humble, we have to brag for her, this blog is awesome!


She has recently patented a great idea and found some other great patents online. Ronni and her family have a great blog post about how they survive the LA summers without air conditioning. There are some great DIY posts.  We loved the post about how she and her husband wrote a script together. We think there is a lesson for all couples! She has some great tips and stories on marriage, life, finances and sanity, each post is something every family can relate to.

Ronni spares no expense to open her world up to you, the reader. This blog is honest, helpful and always a great read. The Screenwriter’s Wife sounds like a fantastic title to a great movie and considering where this blog may go in 2016, it could just one day be just  that.


In Ronni’s Words:

My screenwriter husband and live in the Los Angeles area with our preschooler daughter and a toddler son. The life of chasing a screenwriting dream may seem like a glamorous occupation, but in reality it is an uncertain seesaw of feast and famine, hope and rejection…a life difficult to balance with a family in tow. So I created my blog as an outlet to write about how I keep my marriage, family life, finances – and sanity – intact while patiently waiting for my husband’s big break…