Blue Learning Watch Blue’s Clues and You

Help your tot tell time and have a great experience with Blue Learning Watch! Including Josh’s voice, this watch can tell time, play games and so much more!

Leap Frog has created a beautiful watch that your child is going to love.

Spend A Day With Blue and Magenta

We loved that you can choose a time to find out what Blue and Magenta want to do. Your child can feel even closer to their favorite characters from Blue’s Clues.

Can You Spot The Difference?

Blue needs your help! We loved that your tot can help Blue and her friends find the differences in the pictures. This gives a great skill of critical thinking skills for your little one. Can your toddler find all of the differences in the pictures? We bet they can find them all!

Count The Bubbles

A young child loves bubbles. What better game to play than a bubble game? We were excited to see the Count The bubbles game. Can your little one count all of the bubbles with Slippery Soap? We think they can! Your child will learn some critical thinking skills and problem solving skills with this action packed game.


Play a wonderful shape catching game with Shovel and Pail. Can your child identify all of the shapes that they are trying to catch? Get them to say the shapes out loud with you at first. They will be a pro shape catcher in no time!

Seven Digital Watch Faces

Have your child express themselves with seven digital watch faces. Your child can customize with a choice of seven adorable watch faces. Which one will they choose?


Whether your child has to get up at a certain time or they have an important event, they can set a daily alarm with a choice of alarm tones. Your little one will learn responsibility and scheduling with this handy alarm.


Your little one can now use the time activity with friends using this stop watch fun feature. Whether your child wants to race or time how quickly they finish a task, your child is going got love the timer. It will open them up to time saving skills. For smaller children, they will learn how time works. They will understand the value of a second and a minute.

What Your Child Will Learn

Your child will practice their basic math and problem solving skills. They will be able to work on their logic skills  and learn spot the difference, which is an integral problem solving skill.

We love Leap Frog and Blues Clues. We are excited that Blue Learning Watch is available at Walmart!