Top 10 Boy Names of 2022

The top ten boys of 2022 list are in! Based on the list of registered baby names from the last year, we can now see what the most popular baby names are. There has been some changes since last year and we are seeing a new name that has hit the top ten list for the first time this year. This name will surprise you! Here are the top ten boy names of 2022 including their origins and meanings.

10. Theodore

Welcome Theodore! After bumping out Alexander for the top ten spot, we see Theodore securely in number ten. We were pleasantly surprised to see Theodore appear on the top ten list this year of boy baby names. The nickname for Theodore is Theo. It is short and sweet! Theodore is a name of a Greek origin with a strong meaning. This name means “gift of God.” Will Theodore continue to climb the top ten boy names list next year?


The name Henry keeps its place safely at number nine of the top ten boy names list of 2022. Meaning “house ruler” and originating from France (Henri), Henry did a big jump from sixteen to nine in 2021. There are many nicknames for Henry including Harry or Hen. We believe this is because of Prince Harry being in the news. Now securely at number nine, will Henry continue to climb or will he remain in the top ten boys name list in the next few years?


The name Lucas continues to keep its spot at number eight of the top ten boy names list of 2022. Lucas is a Greek and Latin origin. The name means “someone who gives light.” The nickname for Lucas is “Luke” which is short and sweet. This beautiful meaning and easy to pronounce name is a few of the many reasons that families all over the world continue to choose Lucas for their little ones.


The name Benjamin continues to secure its spot at number seven of the top ten boys names of 2o22. This Biblical boy’s name means “son of the south.” It has a Hebrew origin but is beloved all over the world! It’s short form is Ben, which is simple and likeable. Consider Benjamin for your little one’s name.


This classic name has fallen from number five to number six in the top ten boy’s list. This name means “determined” can comes from Germanic roots. The short form for William is Will, Bill, Billy or Willy among many others. The most popular William currently is Prince William from the United Kingdom. Will William be able to hang on to its number six spot or continue to fall next year?

5. James

The name James jumps from number six to number five position in the top ten boy’s names. James means “supplanter” and is originally a Hebrew name. Popular in English, James is a royal name, with kings given this beautiful name. The nickname for James is Jamie. Will James continue to climb to the top three boy names?

4. Elijah

The name Elijah keeps its place at number four of the top ten boy names of 2022. This Biblical name originates from Hebrew. Elijah means “Yahweh is God.” The main nickname for Elijah is Eli. It is cute, sweet and short. Will Elijah continue to climb into the top three of the top ten boys names list?


Oliver maintains its number three spot in the top ten boy’s name list. Meaning “one who plants olive plants”, Oliver is a Latin based name. It’s nickname is Oli which is cute and can stand the test of time. Will Oliver be the top boy’s name next year?


The name Noah maintains its number two spot in the top ten boy’s name list. This Biblical name has stood the test of time! Noah is a Hebrew name meaning “rest.” Noah has sat many years in the number two spot. Will it take the top spot next year or remain in the number two spot for another year?


The top name this year is Liam! Liam remains in the number one spot for another year. This name comes from an Irish origin. It’s meaning is one who is “a strong, skilled warrior.” The nickname for Liam is “Lee.” Liam continues to be the fan favorite of families for boys names. It is short, sweet, easy to pronounce and beloved all over the world.

Top Boy Names 2022

We have seen some interesting shifts in the top boy names. Though Liam remains at number one, we see Theodore enter the top ten list and Alexander leave it. These beautiful boy names are the most popular amongst families.

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