As a breast feeding Mom, it can be difficult for you and your baby to find your feeding rhythm. Many times, we find ourselves in uncomfortable positions, adjusting and re-adjusting our feeding positions, only to find that we have disturbed baby from his or her feed. It’s time to find that comfort spot again! Even pillows don’t seem to help! Luckily, Littlebeam Nursing Pillows are here to make feeding a bonding experience again.

Littlebeam Nursing Pillows was created by a lactation consultant who understands the needs of baby and a breastfeeding Mom. This comfortable, supportive pillow helps you get comfortable and position yourself properly while making it easy for your little one to latch on.

Recommended positions like the Cross Cradle and The Football can be achieved with ease. The unique body hugging design doesn’t need straps or other uncomfortable clips. We love that Littlebeam has 100% cotton comfortable fabric.

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Littlebeam Nursing Pillow – Dots

Littlebeam is more than just a nursing pillow. It aids in the bonding of Mom and baby during this special time of breast feeding and it can encourage Mothers to breastfeed longer because Mom is feeling relaxed and comfortable while baby is feeding! Moms of twins will be happy to know that Littlebeam Nursing Pillow is also for them.

Bring back the bonding of breastfeeding and get excited about Littlebeam Nursing Pillows!