Breastfeeding Central App- When you and your infant have entered the world of breastfeeding, it can be very isolating and overwhelming. There is so much to learn! You need answers fast. Thankfully, the Breastfeeding Central App, created by Beverley Rae, MSW, IBCLC is here to help.

About Beverley Rae

Unlike other competitive apps, this one is created by someone who understands. Beverley Rae is an MSW, IBBCLC and the former president of the International Lactation Consultant Association. She has seen all sorts of challenges, fears and problems. Over the years, she has helped thousands of women to breastfeed successfully. Creating the Breastfeeding Central App was a labor of love. For all of these questions that new mothers had asked Beverley, she could see that many of these challenges are fixed quickly, with a bit of knowledge and encouragement.

What if there was an app to answer some of these questions? Created by this expert, parents can feel at ease as they go along their breastfeeding journey with their little one. With confidence and education, mothers are breastfeeding their infants successfully. Beverley can help even more families at a wider range.

Breastfeeding Central App

Now that we know about the wisdom and care that has gone into the app, let’s discover the Breastfeeding Central app for ourselves!

This a to z guide for nursing experience is priceless for families.

We were lucky enough to go through the entire app!! Parents are spoiled with so much digestible information. The app is easy to navigate which can put a worrying parent’s heart at ease.

Breastfeeding is not a sprint, it is a marathon! Your journey begins in the hospital. Not only does Breastfeeding Central app help you find a lactation consultant if you desire, but also, it helps you prepare for a great start with breastfeeding. A new Mom can find out what she can expect with her hospital stay and the first four days of being at home with your infant.

Challenges With Breastfeeding

A normal challenge that frightens parents is that their baby will or is not latching on and whether or not Mom is producing a lot of milk. These tips, explanations and wisdom can help parents navigate the first month. There is also a section for overcoming common difficulties. It can feel like you are the only person in the world going through these struggles with your baby. New Moms can become isolated. Coupled with a change in sleep pattern and stress, it can be scary. However, let the Breastfeeding Central App put you at ease.

Moving Forward With Breastfeeding

As your baby grows, their breastfeeding needs changes. How do you introduce food to a breastfeeding baby? Parents also look for top tips on diet, alcohol consumption and even losing baby weight. Parents also may be returning to work and looking to pump their breast milk. There is help and valuable insight for every thought a breastfeeding Mom may have!

We especially love the section for introducing your child to solid foods. There are great ways to have breastmilk and solids and the Breastfeeding Central App gives digestable advice for parents.

breast feeding central app

Our Assessment

After going through this app extensively and speaking to other breastfeeding Moms who use the app, we have to say this app is one that we trust. The expertise, the easing of fears and the encouragement to continue the journey of breastfeeding creates an empowering space for families. We applaud The Breastfeeding Central App and think that it is going to encourage those who are feeling lost, confused or looking for some affirmation while breastfeeding. From an expert to parents, this is an app we can truly trust.