From Brimsuits owner Dominique…


brimsuits was born out of a vision of sensible sun protection for active babies and toddlers. Some of my fondest childhood memories are playing outside. As a stay at home mom I now have my silly inner child play every day with my daughter, a majority of this time is spent outdoors. I struggled with putting my daughter’s hat on when she would inevitably pull it off moments later. I tried several hats, and not one would last longer than five minutes before it was on the ground or worse, lost! This made me worried for her delicate skin.

The idea for brimsuits came to me one sleepless night while putting my sweet girl back to bed. As I looked at her beautiful skin I knew there had to be a way to protect her from damaging effects of the sun without sacrificing our outdoor fun. Then it hit me – develop a superior, wearable product that keeps hats on and UV rays off while making one small aspect of parenting simpler.

Our number one priority is sun safety while satisfying their need to play and explore. Our patent pending design is made with UPF 50+ materials and provides unbeatable sun protection.  The cap covers little ones head, side flaps shield neck and ears, with a brim to protect sensitive face and eyes.

I am a New Jersey native that migrated south to NC to attend NC State (Go Pack!). Prior to starting brimsuits I worked in event planning and marketing. I am now proud to be a stay at home mom to my spunky daughter Evelyn. I love traveling, dancing, cooking, and taking in all the cultural offerings our region has to offer. My husband, Dan, is a Logistics Manager that enjoys golfing, fishing, and traveling. Our daughter Evelyn is with us every step of the way. Our lives didn’t slow down once we had a baby, and the adventures continue!

Play Responsibly 🙂

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