Buddha Board Enso – Imagine, mindfulness on the move! Buddha Board is a great brand. Promoting creativity, serenity and peace of mind, the Buddha Board has something new for everyone to try, Introducing the Buddha Board Enso, the travel companion that you will love. Discover all of its features and why it is great for your entire family.


Buddha Board has always been your key to creativity. Create a beautiful scenary, practice calming words and phrases or just draw. In a few minutes, your serene picture will disappear and you can create and re create over and over again. It only requires water to paint whatever you want!

With the new Enso Buddha Board, this travel friendly companion empowers not only mindfulness on the move, but has a refillable water brush and a protective cover that doubles as a stand. This makes it very easy to use.

The word Enso has meaning as well. It comes from the Japanese word that means ‘circle.’ It represents the flow of life or infinity. It gives the impression of the artistic expression of the moment. You and your children will love it!

Traveling With Enso

Traveling with Enso could not be easier! It is small enough to fit in a purse or backpack but has enough space for you to follow your creative dreams. It’s portable design makes it easy for you to create, whether you are on a plane, train, car or in a new environment. This is ink free, paint free and has no chemicals. It will last for years! It is great for children and parents alike.

Take a picture of your art, as it slowly evaporates back to a blank canvas. You and your children can create again and again. Painting in the park never looked more chic, or entertain your children on a long road trip.

We love teaching our little ones mindfulness with the Enso. Practice it after meditation or use it an hour before bedtime so you can slowly introduce a slower pace and to put the mind at ease before bed. It enhances creativity, serenity and is fun. It makes a great gift for children and adults and is also something you will use over and over again.


The Buddha Board Enso is for anyone ages 5 to 105. It is perfect to work on as a family, makes a great gift for children and adults and promotes mindfulness in the moment. This artistic portable piece is a must have this year!