Butterflies Are Pretty Gross

Butterflies are beautiful, dainty, fragile and pretty gross? This fun book is full of fun stories and facts about some top secret information about butterflies! Butterflies Are Pretty Gross is a confession from one butterfly here to let everyone know the truth about butterflies once and for all!


Butterflies : Fun Facts and Hilarity

This book is perfect for the family who loves to read together and learn together. Find out amazing facts about butterflies, most that are pretty gross. Who knew that the Cracker butterfly is so loud? We had no idea that some butterflies are so stinky! They do this to keep the predators away. Illustrator Jacob Souva makes beautiful pictures that your children will dive right into and fall in love with the main character.

Author Rosemary Mosco knows how to captivate an audience with humor, facts and of course, butterflies! There are so many fun facts and Rosemary knows how make both children an adult wanting more! This is one of those books that you can read with your whole family and have them all interested. Your children will laugh, learn and bond with this fun and interactive book is great for middle grade and young adult readers. We found that are smaller bunch were interested in the pictures and the beautiful butterflies. They knew when to shout “Eww” after a fact. It will entertain the whole family.

Why We Love This Book

This is going to be one of the most popular books for the year. Everyone loves butterflies. From an advanced reader to a reluctant reader, kids are going to feel confident to read this book.  Rosemary writes with a humor side that makes children feel like they are being spoken to by a friend, rather than being spoken down to.

The illustrations are gorgeous. They are a perfect fit for the book. The author has a wonderful way of making everyone bond through these gross and hilarious facts about butterflies. In families that are so busy, reading a good book may be the main way that they bond that day.

Extra Credit

Have your children look for butterflies near them. have they identified any of the butterflies in the book? Can your child name a gross fact about each one? Have them draw a picture of their favorite gross butterflies.