Canadian Names For Boys 2021

What are the most popular Canadian names for boys this year? There are so many options but we think that some of these names will surprise you. Though Canada is right next door to the United States, we have always found it interesting that the top ten baby lists are so different. If you are looking for the most popular Canadian boys names this year, we have the entire list!  We have included name meanings, origins, nicknames and notable people who share this popular name. You don’t want to miss this list!

10. William

At number ten we have William in the top Canadian names for boys. William is an English name that has been on record for one thousand years. That is a name that can stand the test of time! Meaning “resolute protector” people love this name for its classic feel. Nicknames include Will, Bill, Billy and Willy with “Will” being the most popular. Notable people with the name William would be Prince William from the Royal Family in Britian. Consider this classic boys name for your little one!

9. Benjamin

This is another name that has been able to stand the test of time! Benjamin comes from Hebrew and is actually found in the Bible. This biblical name is a popular one amongst Christians. Benjamin was the youngest of Jacob’s twelve sons in the Bible. It actually started a saying that was once common “He is the Benjamin of the family,” meaning this young boy child is the youngest of a big family.

It has a noble meaning ” son of the right hand.” Benjamin has the nickname of “Ben” which is used interchangably with the original name. Notable Benjamins include Ben Affleck and Ben Stiller, both actors who use their nickname as their identifying stage name. If you are looking for something classic and can stand the test of time, consider Benjamin for your little boy.

8. Jack

This wonderful boys name originated from Latin and is one of many spin offs to the Latin name Jacobus. As the name Jacques (French version of the Latin name) spread across France, the English speaking world quickly adapted to Jacob and other names spun from it, Jack being one of them. We See Jack get popular in the 20th Century with this spelling. Jack has a strong boys meaning, “God is Gracious.” The nicknames of Jack include Jackie or Jackey, depending on how you want it to be spelled.

Notable people with the name Jack include Jack Nicholson the actor. Consider this great boys name for your little one!

7. Leo

At number seven we have the boys name Leo. Meaning “lion”, this is a Latin based name. The name Leo is so short that there are no nicknames. Notable people with the name Leo include Russian author Leo Tolstoy. This strong boys name finds itself at number 7 for a reason! Choose the name Leo for your little boy.

6. Grayson

In number six we have the name Grayson.This name be fun and new but it really comes from old English! It used to be a surname for centuries and meant ” son of a stewart.” Nicknames for Grayson include “G” or “Gray”. It is common that many surnames eventually become first names. Notable people with the name Grayson include Grayson Allen the basketball player.  If you are looking for a name that is old but has become trendy, consider Grayson for your little boy.

5. Oliver

At number five in the top ten most popular Canadian boy names we have Oliver. This name has been popular for years and we only predict it will continue to go up the list of the top ten boy names. Meaning “olive tree planter” in Latin, Oliver has the nickname of Oli. Famous Author Charles Dickens wrote a book called “Oliver Twist” which Oliver is the main character. The popularity of Oliver steadily rose from there! Consider the timeless name Oliver for your little boy!

4. Lucas

At number four out of ten  most popular boy names, we have Lucas! You will love this bright name. The name Lucas means ” bringer of light” and has a Latin base. The nickname for Lucas is Luke. Notable people with the name Lucas include would be Luke from the Bible. Lucas brings  a lot of light into your family. If you are looking for a name that has been around for centuries and is bright and strong, consider Lucas for your little boy.

3. Noah

At number three of the top ten Canadian boys name we have Noah! Noah is a Biblical name after Noah’s ark and would be the most notable person with this name. This names means “rest and comfort.” Noah has a Hebrew origin and has been around in various forms for centuries. Nicknames for Noah include “No” and “Noey.” If you are looking for a timeless name that is calming, consider the name Noah for your little one.

2. Jackson

At number two of our top ten Canadian boys names we have Jackson! This name had an English origin but quickly spread to Ireland and Scotland. It used to be a surname but has since been adopted to be a boy’s first name. Meaning “son of Jack”, Jackson has become a popular first name in Canada. The surname Jackson has been recorded since the Medieval Ages! It has definitely stood the test of time! If you are looking for a trendy and strong boy’s name, consider Jackson for your little boy.

1. Liam

The most popular boy’s name in Canada is Liam! Liam has kept a top ten spot for years now. It is number one of the top Canadian names for boys and will probably be for years to come! Liam is a strong boy’s name. It means “strong willed warrior.” It originates from the name William. Liam has an Irish origin and came over to North America and has been a name growing in popularity ever since. This shortened version of William has the nickname of “Lee”. If you are considering a strong boys name that is loved by many, choose Liam for your little boy’s name.

Canadian Names For Boys

These are the top ten Canadian names for boys! Did you guess that Liam would be number one? Do you think it will hold its top spot next year? We hope that these names have inspired you to find the perfect name for your little boy.

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