By: Momma Braga

Twitter: @melmbraga
Instagram: @mommabraga

I love to take photos especially of my family as capturing our moments means a lot to me. I do love to print the very special photos to place in a photo album but I also like displaying them on my wall for everyone to see. A type of printing that I have really loved to use is the canvas.

Therefore, when I got the opportunity to get a canvas done by Canvas and Décor for a #MelandNikkiReview, I was beyond excited!

Now I had the tough decision on picking one special photo to get printed as a canvas but I managed to pick one that was very special to me.

The photo I sent was of me and my daughter from my sister’s wedding this past February and it was on my wish list for Mother’s Day so I got an advanced gift!

Original photo that was sent.

I sent in my photo and before I knew it on the following week I received a box with my canvas carefully packed into it. When I saw my canvas, I was completely stunned on how gorgeous it turned out and proudly showcased it in my living room wall for everyone to see.

It has been eye-catching to everyone who has come to visit us as everyone points it out on how beautiful it is and I couldn’t agree more. It truly is a beautiful piece in my home now.

Canvas and Décor is a small company that was started by a mom and they strive at producing the best quality photo products at affordable and competitive prices. They ship to Canada, USA and Internationally. They also aim to educate their clients about all aspects of photo art reproduction so that the clients are well informed about expectations and which products and services to use to create a compelling photo art piece for their home or business.

Canvas and Décor currently have some great promotions available and I recommend to check them out. For example they have 8×8 starting at $13.99 and 12×12 ready to hang for $18.99. They are a must check out!

For Canadian consumers please click here and for USA and International please click here.

We give Canvas and Décor five artistic high fives out of five. We highly recommend them as the quality is superb.

I now have a beautiful piece of my daughter and me for a lifetime. Special thank you to The Baby Spot and Canvas and Décor for the opportunity to review such a beautiful product.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!