Families across Canada are always searching for the best caregivers. Whether it is a nanny for your children, a teacher or a geriatric social worker for your parents, we find ourselves overwhelmed with a foot in each door: trying to take care of our parents and trying to take care of our children. Luckily, you do not have to search for weeks to find the perfect daycare or nanny any longer. Careopoly has your answer!



As a potential employer who is requesting services, Careopoly has you sign up and post a job. Looking for a Nanny? A daycare provider? No problem! Resumes from qualified professionals will come for your viewing. You simply set up interviews with who you like and hire! It’s that simple. Much easier than relying on word of mouth, or struggling to go to each place, kids in tow. Someone to take care of your pet when you’re away, a professional to help with an ailing parent, a tutor, a teacher, a home cleaner, these are some of the many options you can choose from!

Careopoly cares about reducing your stress, so this easy to use website is exactly what is going to help you do what is important, focus on your family and their needs. Let the resumes come to you. Then you can choose who comes into your home or where to send your children. You are like your own president of your little company, which is your family. However, you do not have the stress and endless hours search as most presidents do. You can simply let Careopoly take care of all of the administrative work. You just choose the resume that best suits your needs, set up interviews and hire!


What we love about Careopoly is the amount of choice. From summer workers to daycare providers we can be set with making sure our family has the best. Visit Careopoly today and get on the road to getting your family on track and organized, with a little bit of help!