Casey’s Bright Red Christmas is a book to add to your child’s Christmas reading list! We are often caught up in the season. From gift buying to decorating, the material things become important, but some of the values of Christmas are lost on our children. Casey’s Bright Red Christmas reminds us about the true meaning of Christmas.


It’s Christmastime at Happy Skies Farm! Friends Tillus the worm, Big Red, Sammy and all of the team are excited until they notice that Casey, the farmer is busy working. There is so much to do around the farm before the holidays! With fences to repair, animals to feed and planning for next year, Casey wonders if she will ever have time to enjoy the Christmas season. Tillus and the team realize the true meaning of Christmas and decide to do something extra special for their extra special friend.

Casey’s Bright Red Christmas is also a great book for children to learn more about the farm life. There is always something to do! Octane Press does it again with ensuring that children understand the work and lifestyle of a farmer on his or her farm

Will Casey finish all of her work before Christmas? You will have to click here to buy the book and find out!