“I don’t deliver babies, I catch babies, The Mother Delivers the baby. If I am there to receive it, then I am blessed too.” Joni


We have featured the fun,educational and engaging videos of Catchin’ Babies twice on thebabyspot.ca. But what is the story behind the women who teach their global audience about natural birth? Thebabyspot.ca spoke to Catchin’ Babies to find out what they are about, and what they plan to do not only in the state of Florida, but globally.

Joni and Andrea have been lucky enough to share the beauty of so many births together. Joni is a midwife and Andrea is her apprentice. With the help of Gloria from Creative Bird Productions, these women embark on showing the world the beauty in birth! Their webisodes take away a lot of birthing misconceptions that have been passed on to many frightened women over the years. Joni and Andrea focus on positive thinking and promoting the strength in all women.

Joni and Andrea can agree, many women need to know the truth about natural birth. Scared relatives, lack of education a variety of misconceptions taint those who are thinking of a natural birth.

They do not just film and educate about natural birth but work within the community as well. Joni and Andrea are committed to educating women across the economic spectrum. In the state of Florida, many women are having C -Sections. Though some women must have C Sections, many women in the USA have the right to choose whether or not they have a C-Section. However, does a woman know the full toll a C Section can take on your baby? Joni, Andrea and Gloria are determined to give the proper information of a natural home birth, so women can make informed choices!


Let’s face it, both Joni and Andrea have a certain dynamic together that is great for these websiodes! They are funny, caring and compassionate and they have seen it all. Joni has assisted in thousands of births. These women are passionate about babies. Birth is not a punishment or humiliating, it should be empowering. That is what Catchin’ Babies is all about.

“With proper care and education and knowing the risks early on, we can start to think of birth in a more positive way.” Andrea



Let’s talk about it! Afraid that your vagina is going to tear beyond repair? Are you terrified that you will go with so much pain you will die from a natural birth? Watch these webisodes, it will bring you to a new way of thinking, or at least, asking questions about what you really are scared of and where you got these ideas from.


Joni has said that the Infant Mortality Rate has been rising in the United States. Why is that? Joni believes it is time to address this growing issue across the United States.


These three women have come together to not only show Moms to Be in The United States but Parents to be across the globe that natural birth is always an option and that we should, globally, bring back the beauty of giving birth.


We will keep posting the Catchin’ Babies Webisodes on our site so stay tuned!