You are never too young to start having fun! Babies and children can easily get bored and it is so important for them to learn and discover through fun play. Once a child hits about 6 months old, the options of toys that help entertain, educate and stimulate the brain of a growing baby are numerous.  Baby jumpers are some of the best toys that will not only entertain your baby but will also last them for many months as they grow.

Once babies grow out of the newborn phase where all they seem to do is to eat, sleep and produce nappies; you will often find they start needing an assortment of new baby toys to them cheerful, engaged and occupied. Babies are always eager to learn more about the world around them. Every new color, shape, texture, and sound can offer a great learning experience for the kids. And, giving them the access to right toys can help them discover their cognitive senses. One of our favorite baby toys to keep our baby entertained is a baby jumper.

Baby jumpers are not only fun and entertaining for baby, but they also have a host of developmental benefits as well.  It will help with motor skills as the up and down motion will help them learn coordination as they gain strength in their legs.  These skills help them with walking, reaching for things, holding things as well as learning things like cause and effect as they reach for toys and engage with them in order to see what happens.

Essentially a baby jumper is intended for babies from around about 4 months of age until the age when they can start to walk.  Baby jumpers provide a safe spot for baby to sit, play and jump awhile whilst the parents can enjoy a bit of baby-free time.  Why not enjoy that cup of coffee without juggling baby in the other arm.

You can choose to purchase a baby door jumper that essentially clamps on to a door frame.  These jumpers are brilliant as they are easy to take from place to place and they take up minimal space when stored.

We personally love stationary jumpers as they often come with a whole activity center that will help keep baby entertained with toys, music and various objects. They have a great time; in the meantime, they kill off some energy.

One thing to consider when purchasing this toy is its safety and security for the baby. Picking the most robust model that offers support and cushioning for the baby is essential.It is also important that you stay in close vicinity to the baby and limit their jumping time to only short sessions of around 20 minutes at a time.

Fun, energy and development are just some of the things that baby jumpers offer our babies. Of course, not only are their positives for the baby in a jumper, but parents tend to be happier when they can get a few short ‘breaks’ from holding and rocking baby.

Get the baby jumper that you and your baby will both like and say farewell to cranky babies and miserable parents.