Christian Mom Bloggers

We love Mom bloggers. They bring such joy, understanding, laughter and thoughtful moments to their readers. Christian Mom Bloggers dispense fun, facts and religious values to their followers. Many Christians look for fellow Christians to read about and follow their lives. There are many great Christian Mom bloggers out there. Since new talents pops up everyday, we will continue to add to this list regularly. Keep checking back with us to find out what Christian mom bloggers continue to inspire us.

We choose Mom Bloggers that have been around for over six months. That way, we know this blogger is established and not disappearing offline. Secondly, we go with bloggers who have a presence and are promoting positive vibes whether that is through kindness, teachings, laughter or lifestyle. We hope you enjoy our Christian Mom Bloggers list and remember to check back with us periodically for more updates.

christian mom blogs


Christian Mom Bloggers

Each Christian mommy is making waves online inspiring their audiences. They want to share their experiences and take aways from being both a Mom and having the faith. The funny, the trails, tribulations and blessings are all included with these blog posts. Take a look at these top Christian Mom bloggers that everyone loves.

1.Unveiled Wife

A wonderful blog filled with marriage advice, resources and positive affirmations for the Christian wife. Women definitely feel secure and safe with this space.

2.Lullaby Lark

This blog is inspiring Christian families who have special needs children! The walk of a special needs family with Christ is highlighted with many great and uplifting blogs. Read Lullaby Lark from those who are just like you.

3.Sharon E. Hines

For the Christian Mom who feels overwhelmed and over extended, this blog is designed to help you declutter, destress and edit your life so that you can have more time. Sharon E Hines will be enlightening and extremely helpful.

Christian Working Mom Blogs

Christian Moms that are working hard at their careers and keeping the faith while multitasking a family and a job are inspiring. Though it can be tough, it is also great to learn from these Mommies who have learned to balance it all. Here are some great Christian working Mom blogs that you are going to love.

4.Working Christian Mom Blog

For the working Christian Mom, this blog will help you thrive with balance, faith and family. God creates different titles for everyone and for NJ she was called to be a working Christian Mom. Coupled with a wonderful podcast, this blog is a great addition to the working Christian Mom life.

Christian Family Blogs

Christian families that are showing readers how to keep their faith while they go through the adventure of parenthood are always a good, funny and ultimately inspiring read. Learn more about these real Christian families that are inspiring parents every single day with their posts.

5. Christian Family Blog

This delightful blog has a mission to build both healthier marriages and families by finding inspiration from Biblical principles.

6. I Choose Joy

This homeschooling Mom creates a great space for families who are interested in Christianity, homeschooling and fun. Choose joy by being a regular guest to this blog.

7. Truth.Love.Parent

This blog is great for the Christian family who leads both themselves and their families by Gods word. Truth Love Parent is an inspiring blog to keep families on track with their walk with Christ.

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Christian Single Mom Blog

These blogs are about the Christian moms that do it all and keep the faith each and every day. Being a single Mom can be tough, but these Mommies manage to do it all and keep their Christian faith. Check out our top Christian single Mom blogs that are inspiring readers everywhere.

8. Grace For Single Parents

If you are looking for a site that is encouraging and wraps you in love as you go through your single parent journey, then Grace For Single Parents is your space! From encouraging posts to freebies, this is a space where you feel like you a part of a supportive community.

9. Truth and Faithful Blog

Lisa has created this beautiful, poignant and heartfelt blog as she lets you into her life as a recent widow and Mother to seven wonderful children. How can you keep your faith and grow your faith during a tremendous loss? How do you grieve and complete each day. Lisa shares her journey and has tips to help you through the process. This author, blogger and Christian women helps countless people deal with their grief. A great read for those who are going through the mourning or grief cycle. Also a great blog for single Moms or those who have friends who have gone through this tremendous challenge.

10. Sophie-sticated Mom

Dr. Sophia Reed PhD is a counselor, has a MS in family counseling and has her PHD in human behavior. She is a single Mom who helps other Moms through aspects of their life. From Christian beliefs to fashion, family and fun, Dr. Sophia has you covered. Her confident, kind and full of life blog gets you excited about life and feel connected to people who understand. This blog makes you feel a part of a safe and loving community.

11. Agape Moms

This great blog is just a part of the wonderful package you get. Readers are also listeners! Agape Moms is also home to The Christian Single Mom Podcast where listeners who love Jesus find hope, encouragement all from a Biblical perspective.

12. A Single Young Christian Mom

This blog is about a nineteen year old who found Christ after finding herself single. Follow her return to freedom with the love of Jesus. This is a great blog about truths and realizing the incredible lesson that we are the results of God’s expert handiwork.

13. Coffee With Starla

Get ready to have your cups filled by Starla! This single Mom of two children, Starla is a Christian Life Coach with a specialization in Christian Mental Health. Readers get a healthy drink of Christianity, hope and faith. Starla is also a wealth of resources. Our personal favorite is her Devotional of Personal Resources.

14. Not Consumed

Family faith and homeschooling. Not Consumed has tips for everyone, but as a single Mom, this blog helps families grow in their faith. This blog always gives back to the readers. Founder Kim is candid with her readers, giving resources to families to help them keep the faith. Refreshing, honest and always giving wonderful tips and resources, people love Not Consumed.


We will continue to update and add to this list as we learn about more great blogs that are guaranteed to inspire you.