Colour Trends 2018 – The Best Tones to Use in Your Kids’ Bedrooms


The bygone era of “pink is for girls and blue is for boys” is long behind us. Now, you have a variety of enticing options when it comes to the design of your kids’ bedrooms and the year 2018 is bringing even more. Surrounding your children with inspiring designs will enhance their imagination and creativity, so dive into the world of colour trends that expect you in the upcoming year and take your pick.

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Serene blue for relaxation

Whether you’re decorating a boy’s or a girl’s room, blue will open up a world of design opportunities. Open, soothing blue is the perfect for a bedroom owing to its calming properties. In addition, it’s quite stimulating yet not overbearing, so you can use it as much as you want. Its neutral nature fits any bedroom theme and provides a stylish backdrop to other hues. In a girl’s room, you can pair it up with bold, vibrant colours, such as fuchsia or dark purple, while in a boy’s bedroom, you can use darker tones of blue along with a striped design to set up a nautical theme.

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A soft palate for a classic appeal

If you want to design a bedroom that will age with your child, you can opt for a more neutral colour scheme of soft beiges and off-whites and then add a pop of green for an ambiance of playfulness. If your kid is a nature lover, you can create a botanical theme and use greenery-inspired wallpaper for one wall. Not only will such a refreshing design introduce natural energy to your child’s room, but it will also give it a chic look – wallpapers with botanical motifs will be one of the most popular trends in 2018.

Muted tones for inspiration

Pantone’s palette of muted tones for 2018 is bringing several inspiring yet tranquil options that you can introduce to your children’s bedrooms. The earthy Ash Rose hue will be a lovely option for accent details, especially against Nile Green, a soft, light shade of green that will create an atmosphere of freshness. If you want to add pops of a more vibrant hue, you can stay within the same palette and choose Meadowlark, a bright, inspiring yellow.

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Vintage neutrals for feminine elegance

Vintage design is a girly yet elegant choice for your girl’s bedroom that will follow her into adulthood. A sophisticated palette of ivory white and soft, pale yellow with a touch of orange will create an open ambiance with a gentle look. Of course, you should design an accent wall featuring a vintage wallpaper design with lovely floral motifs. Set against dark hardwood floors, such a combination of colours will elevate the décor of your girl’s room that she’ll simply adore.

A monochrome palette for a modern design

The combination of monochromatic tones, such as dark, navy blue, dove grey and sandy beige is yet another lovely palette that Pantone is bringing in the upcoming year. These simple colour will give your boy’s room a harmonious look and provide you with a lot of opportunities for experimenting with different patterns and motifs. You can combine these lovely tones with livelier hues, such as tangerine and yellow, which will definitely give the room a modern flair.

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The eccentric ceiling for the wow effect

Using the ceiling as a statement will be one of the major 2018 trends, so why not introduce it to your kids’ bedrooms. A simple palette of neutral hues can get another dimension if you use a striped design for the ceiling. You can combine different shades of greys, whites and beiges for the walls, carpets and bedding. Pair this colour scheme with occasional pops of vibrant green and use the same hue for the ceiling design. This way, you’ll create a cohesive look with a balance between the room’s simplicity and eccentrics. However, keep in mind that this will require more effort and it’s trickier to be done, so make sure to get stable aluminium scaffolding to ensure your safety. Afterwards, your kid can enjoy the lovely design and spend their time daydreaming while admiring their playful ceiling.

By combining the most popular colour trends for 2018 with playful designs, intricate patterns and inspiring themes, you’ll be able to design an inspiring sanctuary for your child.