There could be thousands of books related  to parenting, telling you how to be a better mother, how to take care of your child, but the truth is that nothing can prepare you for the challenges of motherhood. One minute you’re pregnant and the next you hold this cute little bundle of joy who wants to be fed and has to be taken care of. As your baby grows up, you experience new challenges, one different that the other and more demanding.

Motherhood is not an easy ride, it’s more like a roller-coaster, and we all want to be prepared for what awaits us, so let’s see together what are the most common issues that a mother faces and how to handle them.


Coping with your daily chores while having a baby


Try and imagine this. It’s 2 a.m. and your baby starts crying. He’s hungry and needs your attention. You wake up from your profound sleep to take care of your baby, which hardly gets to sleep two hours later. In the morning you wonder how to manage all your daily chores while giving your baby the much needed attention, but you feel so tired.

The best solution is to get help. Don’t be afraid to ask for it or, if you can, hire someone. You can get help with laundry or cleaning from your family or friends, while your baby is getting your full attention.


Do you have an uncooperative child? Stay calm!


I have a hard time with my son. He’s so stubborn and he wants everything his way. The hardest thing for me is to stay calm and not start to yell at him.

We all know what a temper tantrum is, when your child gets frustrated or impatient, but how do we handle it? How do we handle the terrible twos period? How do we handle the screaming child at our feet in the grocery store?

As a parent, you’re an example for your child. So be patient and show him that it’s possible to manage feelings. There’s no need to yell at him or spank your child. The important thing is not to lose control.

Show him how to calm down. Speak to him with a soft voice. Hold him in your arms until he calms down. Help him manage his own feelings.


Are you a working mother?


You need to start working? Then you must search for the best solution to find someone to take care of your baby while you’re away.

Maybe someone from family could stay home with the baby or you can hire a babysitter.

There is also the daycare solution. Plan your visits at least six months before start your job. Do your research to find a trusted daycare and ask around what other parents recommend.


Recharging your batteries


We all know how exhausted you may feel after a whole day spent with your kids. You need to keep an eye on them all the time, keeping them safe. Help them eat, sleep  and cope with the daily routine.

Is your baby waking you in the night? Try and go to bed early. It’s important to be well rested. How would we face another day with our kids if we would be tired all the time? (Also, coffee helps a lot)

Try and get a nap when your baby naps. It will help you feel refreshed. If you can’t sleep during the day (I know I can’t), lie on the couch and read a book or the newspaper. You will get a well deserved rest.


Now get in the roller-coaster named motherhood and put your seat belts on. You will encounter other challenges on your way up, but don’t be afraid. The important thing is that you are there for your child whenever he needs you, giving him your much needed love.