Count and Win Sports Center

Get your toddler to work on their gross motor skills while having an awesome time with the Count and Win Sports Center! New from VTECH, this one of a kind amazing toy is the perfect way for your child to have fun, stay active and learn fine and gross motor skills with ease.

2 Ways To Play

The Count and Win Sports Center is a great way for your child to learn while they have so much fun! Your little one can play both basketball and soccer. Complete with an animated LED Scoreboard, your child will be able to have fun and hear positive affirmations while they try to win!

The Coolest Features For This Toy Are:

-an animated LED Scoreboard that lights up and gives positive instructions to your child!

-plays over 656 songs, melodies, sounds and fun phrases to keep your little one running and playing for hours on end!

-Smart Responses- If your child scores a goal, the Count and Win Sports Center gives your child positive affirmations such as “You’re amazing!”

-Learning Experiences- When your child is scoring points, the Count and Win Sports Center counts along with your child.

-It includes a basketball and a soccer ball so your child can start learning both sports.

Playing Basketball

Introduce these amazing sports to your child with the Count and Win Sports Center. The adjustable height of the basketball net grows with your child’s height and skill level. The interactive sports center will count how many baskets your child will get and provides positive feedback as they play. Your child will learn shapes, numbers, colors and gross motor skills playing basketball. Children can play by themselves or get some of their little friends to join them in an adorable game of basketball.

Playing Soccer

Learn the sport the whole world loves early! This amazing toy  will give positive affirmations to your child when they score a goal and smart responses. It will count points as your child scores and will teach shapes, numbers, colors and gross motor skills. Your child can play alone or with their little friends!

What Your Child Will Learn

Your child will learn so many skills with this toy. Let’s break down some of the fun exciting ways your child will learn with the Count and Win Sports Center.

Developmental Benefits

Motor Skills- Your child will learn to toss and kick the ball around and will really fine tune their gross motor skills.

Discovery and Exploration

There are so many animations and sound effects that will catch your child’s attention and cheer them on. It will also enhance curiosity so your child will try new moves and maneuvers to get those extra points. Before you know it, your child will be counting, learning colors, shapes and continue to fine tune gross motor skills.

Cause and Effect

Thanks to the Animated LED Scoreboard, your child will see how the scoreboard counts baskets, promoting the concept of cause and effect. Watch those points go higher and higher as your child learns brand new skills.


Watch your child play and record how much they have learned after the first day of play, first week of play and the first month of play. You will see so many changes, it would be fun to keep a journal to see their progress.

This toy will make a perfect gift for your little one. Count and Win Sports Center is perfect for children ages one to three years old. They will love the interaction, it can be used inside and it does not take up a lot of space, so it is perfect for smaller spaces as well as bigger homes. Enjoy watching your child learn new skills, get positive affirmations and of course have a lot of fun with the Count and Win Sports Center!

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