Counting With Barefoot Critters

When your little one is ready to count, Counting with Barefoot Critters is going to be that perfect companion book to help your child along the way.

Author Teagan White puts counting into a story which is helpful for your toddler or young child to understand how numbers are integrated into everyday language.

We start off by seeing a detailed and beautiful map of the little hamlet where the Barefoot Critters live. Each page is dedicated to a number from one to twelve and shows the Barefoot Critters interacting with each other. From daily chores to playing pirates, your child will love and remember each page faithfully and have their favorite Barefoot Critter.

The illustrations are timeless and your children will love to look at the different activities their favorite furry friends are doing.

What Will Your Child Learn

Toddler- Toddlers will learn how to count and roll play. They will identify different animals and learn repetition and the beat of each page.

Children- Children will learn the essence and beginnings of poetry and will want to copy and create the illustrations of the book. They will love the map at the beginning of the book and pick which house they would prefer to live. They will ask questions and relate what they are doing to each page of the book.

Fun Activity with Your Kids

To teach your children about memory, numbers and recollection, act out each of the numbers with your child and say the sentence from the book. Acting out or actually planning a campfire, doing daily chores and so much more can be fun! You will marvel at how good your child’s memory is.