Crawligator | Moving Babies Forward


Babies may be small, but they want to move! Your little infant wants to have tummy time, as it is important for a baby’s growth and overall health. That’s why the Crawligator makes tummy time fun and safe and promotes natural crawling movement for your little infant who is trying to build strength.

Just because babies are small, does not mean they do not need to be entertained. Babies are observing and studying constantly and they need to learn vital skills early on to help with development later.

tummy time helper back

Thanks to The Crawligator, crawling and tummy time is a fun time! It is designed to move just above the surface of a smooth level flor on ball caster wheels. The Crawligator’s contoured surface easily fits the cuvature of your baby’s body which allows your little one to rest comfortably and confidently on their stomach. While in this important position, your bayb will be able to practice their bilateral coordination. Using the arms and legs in reciprocal movements strengthens their muscles!

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What makes the Crawligator a parents go to product for families is because it features a single, directional, gripping rear wheel to prevent uncontrolled movement and four gripping safety pads. It is not only about innovation but more importantly, safety.

Not only is The Crawligator moving babies forward in physical strength, but moving babies forward in achieving their milestones. When wanting your child to make that next wonderful leap forward, get the Crawligator.