Create a long-lasting kids room: 7 tips from professionals

Creating a gorgeous kids room with these 7 tips from professionals


When it comes to children, time flies. Therefore, it is crucial that their room keeps up with their interest and taste. There are many designs and kids-room solutions for transforming toddlers’ babyish nursery into a place where the child will feel the most comfortable. Creating a long-lasting kids room will save you time in the end! These practical solutions recommended by the professional aim to create a long-lasting kid’s room that won’t require spending too much money and that will at the same time answer all your children’s needs according to their age.

Here are seven tips from the professionals that you should try:

One- Wall

These 7 Professional Tips Will Help You Create an Amazing Kids Room


Nowadays, the designers are focusing on making the most out of a room. Have in mind that the clutter in the kid’s room will affect their productivity and organizational habits. The hidden potential of the walls in their room lies in disposing of heavy closets and shelves.

Little Changes In The Kids Room can Make an Incredible Difference


Instead, the perfect storage integrated with the wall will make tasks e.g. finding a toy a lot easier than before. In addition, shelves on the wall could be used as a display for arts and crafts creations or books. Choose a neutral color and as the child gets bigger, you can repaint it into a color of their preference.


Regarding the flooring of the children’s room, it just cannot get better than a carpet. It will come extremely useful during the winter, not to mention that your child will feel the most comfortable playing on the rug. The best option is the carpet that is wide enough to cover the whole area e.g. the pile carpet or loop pile carpet.

Plants are a great accessory to a childrens room


The advantage of this type of carpet lies in interesting patterns that will give the room a charming look with multi-colored patterns. Carpet tiles could come in handy, even in the case of tile damage; it can easily be removed from the room.

Three- multi-functional furniture

Multi Functional Furniture Can Be The Best For A Kids Room


While furnishing the room, many focus on the furniture’s adorable look, rather than on its functionality. The designers often emphasize the importance of multifunctional furniture as it can reduce your expense and still be of use.

Look for functunality and Style For Your Kids Room


Try functional cribs instantly turned into a toddler’s beds or a child’s bed that becomes a teenager’s full-sized bed. Therefore, opting for a customized piece of furniture could be the smartest way to economize and spare you the trouble of purchasing a new model every year.

Four and Five-Paint or Wallpaper

No matter if it is boy’s or a girl’s room, the colors like blue or pink aren’t the best solution. To be on the safe side, because your children will want a new color, go with neutral colors like white or pastel.

Wall Paper or Paint For The Kids Room


Wallpapers in pastel shades with some colorful detail can go well with other accessories in the room e.g. lamp. Since this task can be difficult, save your precious time by consulting the professionals who provide decoration services, for example Mercuri Home Decoration. They can advise you on which wallpapers are long-lasting in term of the quality. Investing in the right wallpaper is a good future investment.

Six- Accessories

Find 6 Accessories That Define Your Kids Room


After having the walls painted in pastel shades or decorated with the right wallpaper, it’s time to think about the accessories for the kids room. So, introducing their favorite animated character on some elements will brighten up their days in the room. Cushions or bed sheets with a printed cartoon hero won’t be too much of a burden for your wallet. Curtains that fit well with the wallpaper details provide a stylish solution. Wall stickers in shape of a tree or animals will make the room pop. Colorful boxes for storing toys can be decorative as well.

Seven- the interactive furniture

Occupy the child’s imagination and creativity with the interactive furniture. Many designers and parents are putting a good word about it, especially because of the fact that it contributes to the child’s development. For example, a useful dresser on which a child can paint or draw with a chalk can come in handy when learning about pieces of clothing or how to get dressed. Moreover, when the child gets bigger and no longer enjoys its design, it can easily be repainted.

Lovely bedroom décor

Lovely Bedroom Decor Can Make or Break A Kids Room


With the child’s preference constantly changing as it grows, it is only natural that parents want to make every dream come true. However, any task involving renovation can cost the parents an arm and a leg. Therefore, by giving an extra though to wall solutions and the furniture, the costs can significantly be reduced and the children can still enjoy the lovely bedroom décor of their room.