It can be difficult for teachers and principals to track every individual need of their students. From allergies, to developmental milestones, right to a child with special needs, a teacher’s keen eye and attention is constantly required in a classroom, creche or daycare. Luckily, this can all be solved with Creche Track, an affordable software solution allowing schools and institutions to track each students needs so teachers can give up to date reports to parents and help their students strive for overall success!

By tracking the daily development of young children, Creche Track is available for your tablet, PC or laptop which makes it easy to connect with every browser.


Crèche Track has been designed to help ensure interactions and education for kids from 0-5 years can be tracked building a detailed individual trending profile for every child.


Simplified Tracking System

  1. Track Every Child
  2. Track Social Interaction
  3. Track Your Curriculum
  4. Track Developmental Progress
  5. Track Efficiency & Effectivenesscreche3


Sounds complicated to use? It’s SO EASY! Founded by two fathers of young children,  Creche Track is completely friendly to the teachers and principals to track the developmental factors of their students. From individual student allergies to developmental factors, this easy to use program is completely user friendly.


Why We Love this Software: We believe that Creche Track allows teachers to put in the necessary and sometimes vital information about every student. It allows teachers to really focus on the individual needs of their classroom, creche or daycare and give parents detailed information about their child’s progress. We also believe that this software helps parents with children who have allergies or special needs. All of the information is one one device!


Order Creche Track today, as this is going to revolutionize Early Education!