Isabelle is our cute baby of the week! This delightful little one is adorable! Learn more about Isabelle and how your baby can be our next cute baby of the week!

What is your babies name and why did you choose this name for your baby?

Isabelle. I’m not sure, but we had the name picked out since the day after we got together, talk about moving things along quickly. That was March 23rd 2008. So Isabelle arrived around 9 years later, and of course, we kept the name!

How old is your baby now?

She’s currently just over 8 months old.

Tell us about your baby’s birth story…

To paraphrase, it wasn’t a fun one, probably like most births. But we ended up in theatre with cord prolapse. You can actually read about the birth here:

What is your baby’s personality like?

She’s a very happy baby who’s very easy to make laugh once she’s comfortable. She loves exploring, and loves to quickly crawl off to do something either fun or dangerous. She also likes to stand up on whatever she can climb up. She’s slowly mastered the intricate art of getting back down, which did result in a few falls in the beginning.