Who is the cutest baby online? Well, our cute baby of the week that we have chosen Soleil Vida. It’s no secret why it’s always sunny when you know Soleil!

What is your babies name and why did you choose this name for your baby?

Soleil Vida. It means ‘sunshine’ in French, and ‘life’ in Spanish, languages that we both have roots in. We wanted something pretty, unique, and meaningful.

How old is your baby now?

Born January 24, 2017 – she’ll be 1 next week!

Cute Baby of The Week is Soleil Vida!

Tell us about your baby’s birth story…

Our daughter is the product of a vasectomy reversal. Doctors said our chances of conceiving were less than 30%, but 3 months after Daddy’s operation, whammo – I got pregnant. Fast forward 9 months later, I went through 36 hours of labour that resulted in a C-Section. But completely worth it to finally meet the sunshine of our lives.

Cute Baby of The Week is Soleil Vida!

What is your baby’s personality like?

If there’s one thing she got from me it’s her love of dancing even without a rhythm. Daddy and I are both in to music so I think she may grow to have an ear for it. But she’s the type of girl who marches to the beat of her own drum. Friendly, kind, and social, but will happily sit in the corner alone eating dirt and grass if she so pleases. 


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Happy Birthday Soleil Vida from all of us at The Baby Spot!