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Colleen Parise

Colleen Parise

Dearest You,
I never imagined I would be writing this letter. I used to picture myself rubbing my swollen baby belly and signing up for prenatal massages and yoga, instead now I try to picture you. I try to think of what you will look like, your personality, and how I will know you are; “the one”. While I may not know those things, I do know a lot about you already. You are caring, loving, and have a heart bigger than one can imagine. You are giving and always think of others; you are going to give me the one thing in this world that I long for more than life itself. You are the person that will help me become a mother.  You have a gift, a super power. You are a hero, you are an incredibly strong, outstanding woman. You may not wear a cape but you are my hero. You are courageous and brave. You are an astounding woman who is able to carry a miracle, my miracle, for nine months in her stomach, but in her heart for the rest of her life. And you, you will be a vastly important part of our lives forever. There is a special place in my heart for you for always.  You will get the fancy title of “gestational carrier”, but to me you will always be known as amazing. Because you truly are. You are giving me something I have longed for and hoped for, and what you are giving to my family is just that, amazing. I promise to include you every step of the way, you are much more than just a place for my baby to grow, you are now a part of our lives forever. You will be the first person to keep my baby safe and sound in your body until they are safe in my arms. 
You are going to change my life. In fact, you already have.  You have given me hope, and strength to carry on and continue on to fulfill my dream of becoming a mother. You hold the power to make my dreams come true. I can not wait to meet you and make all of  my dreams a reality. <3