Delivery Damage: 4 Pointers for Parents of Babies with a Birth Injury

For most parents, the scariest thing that can happen is the injury of a child. However, what you may not know is that a serious injury could happen during a child’s birth. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, complications during birth lead to the deaths of 119 children for every 100,000 born. Birth injuries are a serious threat. Below are four things parents of children that have suffered birth injuries should know.

Obtain Medical Assistance Immediately

If you suspect your child is suffering from a birth injury, it’s absolutely paramount that you get that child medical assistance immediately. Don’t be afraid to call 9-1-1 if necessary. Such injuries can quickly lead to death. However, quick action can save your child’s life. Listen to the directions of the operator and wait patiently for medical assistance to arrive. While you may want to drive the child to the emergency room yourself, immediate emergency care may be required to save your child’s life.

Know the Causes of Birth Injuries

Sadly there are many ways a child can be injured during the birthing process. Causes of birth injuries can include things like asphyxiation from lack of oxygen, the entanglement of the umbilical cord and the baby being positioned awkwardly in the birth canal. One common form of birth injury is shoulder dystocia. This injury occurs when the baby’s shoulders get stuck behind the mother’s pelvis during delivery.

Look Out for Birth Injury Symptoms

It’s also important that you know the possible symptoms of birth injury so you know when to obtain medical assistance for your baby. The child crying while having an arched back can be the symptom of a serious injury. The child having difficulty breathing, sucking, swallowing or eating can be another sign. Excessive drooling can be a symptom. High pitched crying is another example. If the child has difficulty moving or moves oddly, that may also be evidence of a birth injury.

Collect and Retain Evidence

If you wish to ever pursue a malpractice case based on a birth injury, you should make sure to collect and retain evidence that your child was injured during the delivery. Things like medical records and test results should be preserved. If you don’t retain copies, the originals may end up missing when you need them. Other ideas for evidence collection can include creating photos and video recordings of your child’s health issues. You may also want to keep a dated journal regarding your baby’s symptoms.

Birth injuries can be terrifying and extremely disheartening for a parent. Unfortunately, they happen all too often. If you do suspect a birth injury occurred, get your child immediate medical attention and consider you options for seeking legal remedy from the court system.