Dermoplast Postpartum Spray- When you have given birth to your little one, there are so many emotions that flow through out. You love this child unconditionally. As a parent, you have to get into a new routine but one thing that you are not told is how painful giving birth can be. Pains, aches and discomfort are common and these are the things that Dermoplast does not want you worrying about when you are a new parent to your newborn! Discover what this product can do you for you after you give birth.

What is it used for

Dermoplast knows that new parenthood is tough but they want parents to be tougher. A way to put all your heart into your parenting is to give you the relief you deserve. Dermoplast postpartum spray is designed to give relief from pain, burning and discomfort.

Whether you are feeling sore, need temporary relief from pain or feeling a slight burn, simply spray Dermoplast to the affected area. Hold the can away from the area between 6-12 inches and spray. You can use it up to six times daily. This product is compatible so it can be kept in a purse or a bag. It can be used when you’re out or at home. We love that it gives relief FAST. There is no twenty minute waiting period before it kicks in. It is almost instantly!

post partum spray

When you heal from your post partum challenges, you can use Dermoplast for insect bites, minor burns, sunburns and more. It is here to be that aid to make parenting just a little more easier.

Where to Find

Dermoplast is easy to find! It is available at CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, Amazon, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Walmart. Dermoplast is more than a post partum spray, it is the relief you need so you can focus on your baby without being distracted by pain.