Were you the woman who had that 30 hour labour or the mom to be who had a really easy experience? We gave our readers the task of describing their labour in three words or less and here is what they said!


April      ‏@AprilWiens

Never again, thanks. Those were the nicest 3 words that I could come up with to describe my experience. 🙂

Veronic Tringle     ‏@verojohnson83

” Like a boss” less than 5 minutes labour..really happy!

CanadianCouponChick     ‏@CCouponchick

I give up! C-section

Jenny D Gash     ‏@JenAndTom4ever

I would describe all 3 of my labours as ‘all completely magical’

MomsanityCentral     ‏@MomsanityTweets

Rough but worthwhile. If I had more words, I’d add “really, really” before both “rough” and “worthwhile.” 😉

Tracy Aiello     ‏@tracyohn

totally unprincess-like

Carol Martin
Thank you to all of our readers who participated. No matter what the labour/labor, we can all agree the end result is amazing!