Device Free Kids: The Persuasive Design and Rhonda Moskowitz

Rhonda Moskowitz, an expert recently featured in the NY Times, Style section, is our amazing guest on today’s podcast. Technology is fantastic and has so many upsides both at home and in the classroom, but when devices overtake our lives, our home, and our children suffer. Rhonda explains the pitfalls of devices, how children do better with a pen in hand rather than a keyboard and how the endless hours on phones or computers negatively affect their brains.

What is the Persuasive Design? Why is it being used on our children?

Rhonda further explains that there is an actual phenomenon called “Persuasive Design” which makes it nearly impossible to stop watching once we begin so that when children’ say “I can’t stop” they actually cannot! If you want to find out the best way to handle device and what to do to replace them listen to this episode with expert, Rhonda Moskowitz.