Devon’s Drawer

We are so excited to introduce you do Devon’s Drawer! This LA based environmentally conscious clothing line from LA is making waves with families! We adore each hand crafted item which includes dresses, outerwear and of course, baby clothes! They are everything you want in a perfect company. They make sure that production is local and that they are continuing to contribute to their local economy. They may have fewer items but each one is with a quality that you will not see in regular stores. Their clothing also supports the environment because Devon’s Drawer’s timeless style coupled with being environmentally conscious gives only the best hand me downs!

Devon's Drawer

Right now we are in love with their Fall Winter line, inspired by designer Cynthia Bennett’s love for the most beautiful textiles. They have even gone as far as sourcing recycled hemp and organic cotton blends, recycled wool, linen and beautiful traditional Japanese prints. They look for organic and natural materials and use only low impact dyes and they make sure that their buttons come from downtown LA. They make sure their company’s carbon footprint is so small! You and your family are being considered with every step Devon’s Drawer takes, big or small. Can you believe that most of their line from start to finish is soured within a two mile radius in downtown LA? Devon’s Drawer is an inspiration to families!

Devon’s Drawer is a Mom and daughter company, with daughter Meera in beautiful Vancouver while Cynthia is in Los Angeles. This international company is made for families by families.

This clothing line is perfect for women, girls and boys. Each piece tells a whimsical story about the adventures, insights and inspirations each of you will have. From the family who loves to explore to the family who loves to stay local, each piece works for both casual to more of a formal party setting. This makes outfit planning easier for the busy family.

Unlike their competition, Devon’s Drawer kid’s line is tested by kids! Grandchildren Devon and Emily gingerly test the clothing with only the finest of tactics: running through muddy puddles, grinding it with rocks and drawing on it with pens. We have never found a children’s clothing line that can relate to the consumer so well and with ease! You know Devon’s Drawer clothing can stand the test of time!

You can find Devon’s Drawer on their site and find their products across various boutiques in The USA and Canada. If you are looking for timeless yet trendy pieces that are ethically friendly and can stand the test of your children, you have found your favorite trusted brand in Devon’s Drawer.