Diet and Substance Abuse With Dr. Keith Kantor


How can a diet indicate if a person will be likely to develop a substance abuse problem? 

Diet and substance abuse. Substance abuse is a result of a combination of lifestyle factors, addictive personality, a coping mechanism for escaping life problems, depression and mental illness.  When a combination of all of these lifestyle factors promotes an addiction the bio chemistry of the body is compromised, resulting in malnutrition and opiate receptor stimulation.  When the opiate receptors are stimulated by a substance, processed potent food like sugar, or trans fatty acids the body tends to be easily persuaded to give in to addiction, whether it be food or drugs or alcohol.

Is there a way to prevent it?

Practice healthy lifestyle habits.  Exercise regularly to stimulate natural production of “good mood” hormones like endorphins.  Eat a diet rich in healthy fats, quality protein, natural fiber, and low in processed fats and sugars.  This diet will suppress opiate receptors resulting in a more balanced metabolism and reducing the susceptibility to addiction.

Could you explain how a child’s diet and nutrition can later be linked to a substance abuse?

A diet that stimulates opiate receptors (rich in sugar, caffeine, and processed fats) will create impulse behaviors due to poor insulin balance.  Over time these behaviors become ingrained and if other issues like mental illness, depression or addictive personality are present then there is a increased possibility of addiction.

Are their specific foods that we have that could be linked to a substance abuse problem?

Processed sugars, excessive caffeine, and processed fats.    Research also shows that gluten, dairy and some dyes  stimulate the opiate receptors.

What foods are most healthy to introduce to children that could prevent substance abuse?

A diet rich in REAL whole unprocessed foods with a base of dark fruits like berries, and a variety of vegetables in addition to healthy fats from nut butters, seeds, nuts, avocado and heart healthy oil, and of course high quality protein from eggs, poultry, beef, seafood, etc. are best.

What is NAMED?

NAMED is the only program that specifically targets the opiate receptors which cause the cravings of addiction. It also targets inflammation, created by acidosis(low PH)which causes large insulin fluctuations, resulting in sugar cravings and stimulating the opiate receptors. Specifically designed menus and pure hydroxide alkaline water (Aqua OH-!) are used to drastically reduce these symptoms. Basically all of these patients are in addiction / rehabilitation facilities or under medical supervision where strong controls are very important.

Tell us about your book…

Green Box League of Nutritious Justice: A World of Health Excellence for Children and Their Families

This book is many things — a fun adventure for kids to explore, a toolbox of tips and tricks for parents and teachers, an exercise guide, a cookbook, a library of resources on getting the most out of your kitchen and local market, a collection of treats and surprises, and a call to action to make the best choices for your health at any age. One of my favorite projects because it targets the entire family to take action on making healthy lifestyle changes.

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