The Best Glow in The Dark Train Set For Kids

Glow in the dark train set with a twist! – A good toy is responsible for a child enjoying their afternoon by themselves, with their parents or friends. A great toy, however, is so much more. It is responsible for a whole childhood of fascination, adventure and years of learning and reaching new limits. STEM toys are the toys that allow your child to imagine new adventures without limits and more importantly enter their own little world which they have created. When we were approached by Toys Tell Tales, we knew that we had found that very special toy that will keep your child interested for years to come. You are going to love The Dinosaur Adventures Glow Tracks.

Dinosaur Adventures Glow Tracks

dinosaur glow in the dark train set

We are so excited to introduce to you the Dinosaur Adventures Glow Tracks. Create dinosaur adventures with GLOW-IN-The-Dark flexible tracks! They are so easy to put together a toddler can do it! With 168 exciting pieces, your children will engage in hours of play! Including 2 super cool LED cars and 6 super fun glow-in-the-dark-dinosaurs, this track will be the most exciting thing for your kids!

Take the track and use the bridge and ramps to see if your cars can outrace the dinosaurs. We bet you can! Have your children take the tracks that bend and flex with ease and create a wheel for your car to drive in or a spiral so your little one can see how fast it can race! Create a nighttime adventure by simply turning off your lights and watch your child’s imagination enter new levels.

Unlike other race tracks, this race track is friendly for children ages 3 and up! However, children of all ages will love how fast the cars go and how everything glows in the dark. You will be pleasantly surprised to see your older children playing with the younger ones with this fun track set. Who can resist dinosaurs, trains and glow in the dark tracks? We know we love it!


create your own train track

Extra Credit: Challenge your child to create all of these tracks!

Children as young as they can should be exposed to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. If we get children comfortable with these STEM subjects when they are young, they will be a lot more comfortable when they are older to take jobs in these fields. Promoting STEM should be at the top of every parents minds and what better way than with a  STEM toy that is suitable for children at three years old. Mathematics is the universal language so we love toys who are fluent in STEM! Dinosaur Adventures Glow Tracks offer so many opportunities for your children to learn, engage and explore. With their trusty tracks, your children get to decorate with stickers and use the ramps and bridge to create a track for the two glow in the dark cars.

Parents will be thrilled that connecting the track is so easy, their toddler can do it. This toy teaches independence!

Glow With Dinosaur Adventures Glow Tracks

glow in the dark dinosaurs

For the best glow in the dark action, expose the track to light. We find that simply placing it near a window does the trick. The trees that are included can go under the tracks to hold the tree up easily. The gate is even easier. It connects to the tracks just like any other track.

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If you are looking for even more tracks to create an even BIGGER world of Dinosaur adventures, you will have to check out the Dinosaur Adventures Glow Tracks – Mega Set!  If you want to see how cool your child’s experience can be, you are going to love this video!

The Best Price for the Best Glow in The Dark Train Set

Can you believe how low this price is? So many competitors cost a lot more and offer a lot less. We love to make sure we invest in great STEM toys and Dinosaur Adventures Glow Tracks is not only incredible for your children, but it is a BARGAIN!

Whether you have that special little child in your life who needs this toy for Christmas, a birthday or “just because” OR you want one for yourself, you aren’t going to believe this incredible price that we have for you today!

138 pieces of fun!

As our readers know well, we are very selective with what toys we endorse. We want to make sure that the toy is fun, well built, has something special or unique about it and of course promotes STEM. Dinosaur Adventures Glow Tracks is that toy set that is not only going to be a cherished toy, its going to be a keepsake. It is the toy set that is going to create memories and most of all, it’s the toy set that is going to be passed down to another generation of children to love and enjoy. Dinosaurs, train tracks and anything that glows in the dark NEVER goes out of style, so when you get Dinosaur Adventures Glow Tracks, you are getting a timeless toy. Gift buyers can’t go wrong! To top it off, Toys Tell Tales is one of the only toy companies we have ever seen that lets you, the buyer, help choose the charity that you want some of the proceeds of your purchase to go to. This selfless choice helps make your dent in making this world a better place to live.

With these reasons and so much more, we know that our audience would love to get the Dinosaur Adventures Glow Tracks. With 168 pieces at this AMAZING price, you can’t go wrong!

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