Having twins can be expensive. But clothing for your twosome isn’t something that needs to cost a lot of money. You can keep your kids looking cute on a budget with these tips.

Realize You Don’t Need Two of Everything
It is a personal decision whether to dress your twins alike. But there are economical reasons not to, at least not all the time. Having to purchase two of everything gets expensive quick. If you can live with your set being mismatched, your clothing can do double duty. And if you are intentional when you purchase basics, like tees and leggings, they can also be worn by both kids regardless of gender. When the occasion arises that your twins must match, it is likely that you will have several outfits to choose from. People just can’t resist gifting matching clothes to twins.

Plan Ahead
A little organization can save you big bucks. There will be seasonal items like swimwear and winter coats that you will have to buy two of.  So plan to purchase those at a deep discount at the end of the previous season. Not only will you be super prepared for next year, but you will also avoid paying full price.

Learn Basic Sewing Skills
With a needle and thread and some simple stitches, you can greatly extend the life of your children’s clothing. A small hole can be easily repaired and the item worn again. A cute patch can be applied to the torn knee of leggings for an adorable and cheap fix. And with a little practice, you can even learn how to transform long sleeves and long pants to t-shirts and shorts for another season of wear.

Buy Second Hand
This probably seems like a no-brainer, but avoiding brand new items is the best way to save money. Garage sales and consignment sales are ideal locations to find children’s clothes, toys, and other gear. Many large consignment sales have a half-price day at the end of the sale, for even greater savings. Make sure to inspect items well to ensure they are free of stains or imperfections that you can’t fix. Also some clothes shrink after washing, so look beyond the size to ensure a good fit. Remember, there are no returns! My favorite items to purchase second hand are clothing, hard plastic toys, and books. All of these can be easily and thoroughly cleaned.

Utilize Gifts
If there are pricier clothing items that you want or need, don’t be shy about making family and friends aware. Chances are, they are looking for gifts for your twins on birthdays or holidays. I like to keep an Amazon list that I can share electronically when people inquire. It is easy for them to click and purchase, and the size and colors are always right because I have selected them ahead of time.

The love you get from twins is definitely double, but the expenses don’t have to be. Try these easy tips for saving on your twin’s wardrobe, and use the money you save on diapers. You are going to go through a ton of those!