The Baby Spot tests hundreds of apps a year. We are so lucky to see the latest apps that help parents. Each year, we choose one app to be our App of the Year. This year was an easy choice. We are so happy to announce that Droppa is our App of the Year!

Every parent values their time only second to their family. Across the globe, our readers have given us the same feedback: we need more TIME. Droppa does just that! It is a fully integrated calendar events schedule for family and friends!

Are you a family with children, events, sports, meetings and playdates? How do you manage it all? Would you like more time? Droppa can help you and your family stay organized. You will no longer miss a meeting, be late to pick up a child from daycare or dread every time your child joins a club or a sport. If grandmother is coming to visit, the whole family will know and you do not have to waste time continuously reminding them. Droppa is pleased to take the burden off of you.

Whether you crave organization or you just want someone to organize your life for you, Droppa is your number one app and best friend. It allows you to synchronize your calendar and events with friends, family, colleagues, clubs and more. You can invite or just inform your contents of events. Simply “drop” items into their schedule and Droppa allows your contacts to “drop items into your schedule.

Each Drop has its very own chat room, allowing attendees of an event to discuss said event via instant messaging.

Don’t let your teen say they did not realize an event was a certain day anymore! Don’t miss another concert and schedule more time with your friends and family and let Droppa do the scheduling!

Creating a Drop is so simple. Just tape the name of the location of the event and upload a photo of said event if you require. Tap the start and end date and schedule in your desired time. Simply invite all of your desired friends and family to the event and press “send”.

We love Droppa because it works so well for every generation to use! From your teen to the elderly, its simple usage makes scheduling a breeze.

Time is so precious to every member of your family. Let Droppa save you time and download this app today at the App Store or Google Play!

We are so pleased that Droppa is our App of The Year!