Earth Rescue has given our readers a challenge, starting with itself, to detox our home from harmful chemicals and get organized! From a shoe organizer for our closet to an array of eco friendly cleaning products, began to detox our home for good!

Earth Rescue gave a package of cleaning products. We had reviewed all of their great cleaning products here. This time, we received a toilet bowl cleaner and bathroom cleaners for tiles and tubs! We watched our bathroom become spotless with these easy to use products, without that harsh chemical smell!


We also received a shoe organizer to organize our shoes. From sneakers for running our chasing our children to heels for our meetings, we got organized and fast! We need all of the closet space we can get and we were happy to receive this product!

On a more nostalgic note, our owner’s little one is almost a year old. The baby has officially outgrown all of the precious outfits of the first year. Reluctantly, our owner realized that these items must be put in storage tubs and make a new home in the basement. Our owner could not believe that it took four tubs to fill those adorable outfits! Earth Rescue provided us with bright labels so we can properly store these items, in anticipation for any future children! In a busy house filled with children, it really does save time and money to stay organized!


We try to do our part in contributing as small as a carbon footprint as possible. Luckily, we are able to hang dry a lot of our clothes and maintained this ritual sans dryer. However, we had cheap plastic clothes hangers. They break and we always step on one! Earth Rescue gave us these great bamboo clothes pins to hang our clothes!


Are you up for the challenge to detox your home? Earth Rescue products are on Rollback at Walmart and you get can the entire line up for under $35 in the month of August!


Earth Rescue is being so generous, they will give away a package to one lucky reader… details to follow!