As parents on the go, we all want to have a livable home. We want our children to come home to a safe, clean environment. Of course we want to clean our house and have it free of germs, but we also don’t want to use harsh chemicals, especially with curious, always exploring children.

Earth Rescue  gave a few of their samples of green products to use.  It could not come at a better time, because to be honest, our family had caught  a cold. So, making sure everything was clean and fresh was important. We received their surface and glass cleaner, their dishwasher detergent capsules and laundry detergent.

A trio of green products (available at Walmart)

A trio of green products (available at Walmart)

Surface/Glass Cleaner

It did the trick! It cleaned windows just like a chemically cleaner. It did not have a harsh scent but a subtle hint of lemon. The windows came out dry, not streaky like some cleaners seem to. It wiped away surfaces well. The cold was definitely not going to stick around this house!

Earth Rescue Glass Cleaner

Earth Rescue Glass Cleaner

Laundry Detergent Capsules

I used this towards the end of my cold. The family needed laundry and we had to keep the cycle going. I decided to throw in everyone’s bedding as well. It did a lovely job washing all of our clothes and my nine month old is always prone to stains. She had a real interesting apple stain from her attempt to  throw her food on herself. Luckily, it did not last and her cute flowery summer top can survive another day. The best part? A subtle hint of lavender. One of my favourite scents!


Dish Detergent

The dishes were piling up and I am really thankful for a dishwasher. I threw in a mixture of plates and cups. We have been juicing recently, which involves juicing fresh vegetables. Anyone who does this knows that even though juicing is so healthy for you, if you don’t rinse your cups well, it can leave vegetable residue. After using the capsules, it did the same job as a more chemical dish detergent.

Earth rescue Dishwasher

For North Americans, you can buy Earth Rescue exclusively at Walmart.

Earth Rescue promises that their products are:

100% naturally derived ingredients

–          100% readily biodegradable

–          100% VOC free

–          100% solvent free


If you are looking to have cleaning products that are not harsh for your little ones to come in contact with but still can get the job done, then give Earth Rescue a try!