EASY DIY Heart Craft For Under $10 That You Can Do With Your Kids!

Making crafts with your kids can be so special. Finding great crafts to make with your young children can be difficult. You cannot have crafts that have small pieces unless you have your eye on your little one at all times. We have an easy DIY heart craft that you can make with your young children. You can put this craft on your front door or on any door in the house. Complete with little bright lights, your heart craft will shine will be fun to make with your children and it will be a craft that can last through out the years.

Valentine’s Day Heart Craft

heart craft with kids

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If it is around Valentine’s Day, this can be the perfect Valentine’s Day craft with your children. The wooden heart will last through out the years. The white ribbon is a perfect way to hang your heart and the tiny lights are fun for your kids to weave in and out of the wooden base of the heart. It’s easy, it is inexpensive and it is a craft that lasts. Make this for your home!

Heart Craft Makes A Great Gift

If you and your children were trying to find a lovely gift for a family member or a friend, this heart craft can make a great gift. It is durable to last the years and most importantly, it comes from the heart and from your child’s excellent work. Family members and friends will love this gift.

What You Will Need

Here are a few items that you will need for the craft. The total price for this craft will be under $8!

A Wooden Heart Shaped Wreath

You can find this at the Dollar Store for less than five dollars. There are many colors to choose from and you can have fun. Make sure that the heart is a wood or plastic base. We want to easily weave small lights through out the heart and we need a sturdy heart to hold in the lights.

Small Lights

Buy a small pack of tiny lights from The Dollar Tree or The Dollar Store. For under $3, you can choose what color of lights you want for your craft. Note that different color lights will have a different effect on your craft. A different light color can completely change the look of the heart so have fun with the light color! In the pictures, we picked a simple white light. They also have blue, red and yellow.

Plastic Hook

If you do not have a hook on your front door, you may want to use a plastic hook to attach to your door to hang your heart wreath.

A Ribbon

If your heart wreath does not come with a ribbon, just add any ribbon of any color that you like. Let your creativity shine!

STEPS To Your Heart Craft

  1. Take the small lights out of the packet, slowly weave the lights inside and out from the right hand side of the wreath to the left hand side. Be sure to put a light on in every section so each side of your wreath shines equally and you have no dark spots.

2. Carefully turn the heart craft over and secure the battery pack on the back of the heart craft. Try to place the battery pack inside of the heart so the pack does not stick out.  Put in the AA batteries and close the pack. You’re almost done!

3. If it is not already there, tie a ribbon from the top of the heart wreath in a hoop so it could be hung.

Kids DIY Wreath

Copyright @ 2021 The Baby Spot4. If your door does not have a hook, find the perfect hook to hang your wreath.




5. Turn on the batteries and enjoy! Your wreath is beautiful.


DIY heart wreath

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