Eat Nagi- When you are parents on the go, you do not have the time to make very healthy snacks, but you know that your family needs healthy foods in their diet to get the most energy to complete their day. Your children want something delicious and as parents, we want something healthy for the entire family. Finding a true healthy energy bar snack that is healthy and delicious is hard. That is until we found Nagi.

What Is Nagi?

As parents, we have after school activities, school, work and running errands every single day! It can be hard to find the information we need to discover those snacks that check off all of our boxes. You go to the grocery store and find out that your go to snack is full of chemicals, preservatives and “not so healthy” ingredients. It is difficult for parents to find the perfect snack that is easy to pack, healthy for the entire family and delicious.

nagi energy bars

When we were introduced to Nagi, it was a game changer. Nagi offers a delicious selection of organic, high protein energy bars and snacks. Made in Canada, these bars tick off all of the must haves for every parent. Firstly, these are a whole selection of organic high protein energy bars and snacks. The packaging is modern and light and your children will be able to recognize it and associate it with both a healthy and delicious treat. We love that there is no artificial flavors, non-GMO, began, gluten, soy and dairy free. Nagi has no sugar alcohols, no refined sugars and is dairy and GMO free. Let’s face it parents, it ticks off all the boxes that we don’t have to worry what our children are consuming.

What Parents Need from An Energy Bar

Many parents are looking for certain needs from the foods they choose from their families consume. Though those needs can slightly vary, here is a checklist of what we are looking for. Each parent is looking for a bar that is:

Safe- Does not have chemicals, GMOs, and refined sugars.

Delicious- It has to be something their children will love. Similarly, it has to work with a palate of an adult as well. Like one size fits all, parents are looking for one snack fits all.

Nutritious- As parents, we want a snack that is going to pack a healthy punch. We want all of the great protein, fiber and more!

Cost Friendly- We don’t want to have to sell our first born in order to feed them. Jokes aside, we want something that is cost friendly.

Compact- We want something that will fit into our purse, diaper bag or something we can store in our car. In the house, we want a snack that does not take up a lot of space. Kitchen and storage is always needed and we love a compact snack.

Nagi ticks off all of these boxes and so much more. Its the perfect snack for the entire family to enjoy! Take it on a trip, for an event, at work, school or even just a yummy snack at home.

Pair this snack with other fruits or nuts. Have fun or include it when you are out and about with friends.

nagi snack

What Does Nagi Mean?

Owner and founder Justyna brought a bit of Polish heritage into this delicious treat. Nagi means naked in Polish. This name was chosen to show customers that this energy bar has nothing to hide. No preservatives, none of that bad stuff that keeps us up at night worrying.

When To Eat Nagi

Nagi is a go to snack for everyone in the entire family. For many families, grandparents can eat different food from parents and the children. That means there are a lot of snacks for the different types of tastes in a family. However, everyone wants to eat Nagi! This go to snack is easy to pack in a purse or a diaper bag. It is great for the elderly who need a healthy snack that is easy for them to eat. Children love tasty foods and this is a perfect treat that is healthy. Lastly, for the parent always moving around from one task to the next, it is important for you to make healthy choices while you are on the go. Nagi does this and packs the taste along with it.

As parents, we envy our children’s energy. We always lament how we need to figure out how to bottle it so we can use it ourselves! One way we can keep up with our child is to make healthy choices. It can be hard when you are going from work to school to football practice. The challenge is, we make unhealthy choices that are quick so we can survive the night. However, with Nagi, we can make smart, healthy choices that will get us through not only the day but year after year.

Nagi is best eaten as a snack, breakfast replacement, lunchtime snack or our personal favorite, after a workout for that much needed protein fix. This can also be great for a day of running errands or during your errand run. Remember, Nagi fits in your purse!

Where To Find Nagi

Nagi is getting popular quickly! Located in various grocery stores, you can buy it directly from the website from anywhere all over the world!

When Looking For The Perfect Snack, Eat Nagi!

Whether you are on the go, eating at work or just trying to eat healthier snacks, Nagi is going to be by your side and grow with your family. Choose a treat that is going to keep your family healthy, hit the spot and fill you up and most of all be nutritious and delicious. It’s time to eat clean, eat well and EAT NAGI.