We always admire an entrepreneur who is making a difference with parents. Meet Fateha ‘Tia’ Chowdhury, inventor of the EcoPram. This stroller is a parent’s dream! It has a special storage space to rock babies to sleep. As a Mom herself, Tia knows what parent’s need in their prams.

A Large Storage Area


When going out with your baby, you need a lot of items for that little one to have a comfortable trip, with a large storage area, Mom or Dad does not have to worry about carrying other items while pushing a stroller. Just place up to 15K of weight into the storage area! Don’t worry about bending too much parents, this stroller’s storage is in a place that has easy access for you to reach, without hurting yourself.

Stroller Swing System


This detail of Ecopram is very exciting. Your pram has a Stroller Swing System for strollers, buggies and prams, meant to rock your baby to sleep! Don’t worry about a fussy baby while you get your groceries, this pram will put your little one at ease so you can get your shopping done quickly. Remember to take advantage of that large storage area!


Integrated Maze Bead Toy For Stroller Bumper Bars


Have a toy to stimulate your child within the pram! This stroller has it all to entertain your little one so they can enjoy times out with their parent.



“My goal with this product is to make life less challenging for parents and more entertaining and soothing for babies, whether they’re at home or out and about. Babies are special, and I believe they deserve the best start in life.

I hope that all those considering making a funding pledge can see the benefit of taking the EcoSwingi into production. I therefore ask you to join me in my ambition to serve parents, carers and grandparents alike, whose lives will be transformed by the EcoSwingi Stroller System.

I thank you wholeheartedly for your support.”


This innovative stroller lets your child play, swing and shop with you! It entertains your child and makes your life a lot easier.


Make It Happen

Ecopram has a donation page! There are also many generous rewards packages.






If you are a potential buyer, do look at this! You can get in contact with EcoPram by clicking here


Buy your own EcoPram here. Support this brilliant entrepreneur and get the perfect pram for your baby. You can depend on EcoPram because it is made by a parent for parents. Tia’s vision and innovation will change the way you see strollers.