EffeClean: Eco Baby Floor Cleaner

When our beautiful baby discovers that they too can start to crawl, it is an exciting yet testing time for parents. Mom or Dad begin (if they have not already) baby proofing the house, making sure those curious hands don’t get into everything. Child proof locks and baby gates grace our homes. However, what happens when your child is touching your furniture and more importantly your floors? Their little hands and feet scoot across your hard wood floors, but are they picking up your floor cleaner? More importantly, is your child putting their hands in their mouth afterwards? Scary thought but that is where Effeclean comes in.

Effeclean is a hardwood floor cleaner that is free of phosphates, chlorine, ammonia and V.O.Cs. It is biodegradable and alcohol free. This product is non caustic, non flammable, non corrosive and non fuming. It keeps in mind that you have a little one scooting across your hard wood floors without a care in the world and Effeclean wants to keep it that way for you and your baby. Let’s face it, you have enough to worry about chasing your little one across your house! We also love Effeclean because if its safe for your baby, its safe for your pets too.

We have hardwood floors across our house. Not only that, but our living room is our main entertainment area for our baby and has dark hard wood. We love dark hardwood but anyone who has it knows, that stains, dust and dirt is very visible. Regular maintenance is a must. However, with a little baby who is curious and wants to crawl around (and in our case, attempt to walk), we don’t want harmful chemicals around them. That’s why we are thankful for Effeclean. We also have a Yorkie with incredibly sensitive skin (a puppy mill survivor) and when we use the floor cleaner, it does not bother her little paws.

Floors before


One small quick spray with Effeclean


Effeclean makes our living room clean and allows us to keep it the busiest room in our house. If you’re looking for an affordable, ecofriendly product that gets the job done (we had no streaks or yucky film left) but is also environmentally friendly and most of all baby safe, check out this great product!

Floors after! Good-bye scuffs!



*Made in Canada