Electrik Kidz!

By: Jen Bobby


Electrik Kidz is an edgy and clever clothing brand located in Montreal which specializes in accessories for kids aged 0 to 5 years old. From adorable bibs, sleepsacs and funky shirts, Electrik Kidz has something for every cool kid. I had the pleasure of chatting to them about this Electrik Canadian line.


How did Electrik Kidz begin and what was the inspiration?

Electrik Kidz was born in 2010 after the designer or the brand, Ariane St-Pierre Cyr, received many compliments regarding the triangular pieces of fabric tied around her baby boy’s neck in place of a bib. This piece with a added pacifier clip became the Baby Bandana known today as the flagship model of the brand and was the first step towards whole collections of crafty pieces of clothing for kids and their young-at-heart parents.

What was the very first item you sold?

The Baby Bandana, still sold today and always one of our most popular items. The original models were tied with a knot at the back of the neck and new models have snaps.

What is your best selling item for girls and boys? Any personal favorites?

The best selling bandanas are Cherry Tree for girls and Sailor for boys. Other EK products that are very popular are the Mister Tee (a t-shirt adorned with an interchangeable tie) for boys and the

Sleep Sack (a night gown with mitts and bottom tie) for both boys and girls. Our Mermaid Sleep Sack has even won the first prize in the Baby + Child Best New Product category at the Summer 2013 New York Now Show.


What influences your designs?

Our designs are influenced by 70’s and 80’s fashion and by memories of our own childhood. We also have a look at what’s cool for kids on Pinterest and other different websites. We always try to look further than what is already available on the market for kids.

What makes you stand out as a Canadian children’s designer?

Our perception of kids wear is different from other local designers in the sense that we adapt some adult designs for them to look cool on kids. For example, we offer Mc Hammer pants, vintage inspired crewnecks, plaid dresses and hipster hats that are comfortable with style. We also use colors and create graphics that are not usually seen on children clothes.

What trends are you seeing for summer 2015?

Our summer 2015 collection, Endless Vacation, is inspired by the nostalgia of days at the summer camp when going for a stroll in the woods or going fishing was like leaving for the greatest adventure. The 70’s vibe is everywhere in this collection, from the Brownie BB Bandana to the Canoe-camping Baby Tee including the vintage Adventurer shorts.

What are a few fun things happening in Montreal that we can do with our kids?

Festivals, festivals and festivals!!! We love to go see outside music concerts with our six-year-old boy. Summer in Montreal is filled with festivals and they are all must-see events!

Where can our readers purchase your items?

Our products are available online at electrikkidz and in many points of sale around the world. Have a look on our website to find the nearest to you!


What are we to look forward to for Electrik Kidz?
Even though we already have a couple of points of sale in Europe, our next challenge is to increase the presence of our brand out there. Our main goal in the next years is to become a key player in the kid’s clothing industry. We want our brand to be known by every parent and parent-to-be so that EK products become a classic in new generations’ childhood.