Santa Claus has come up with a fun and effective way to encourage your children to have good behaviour this year and to manage expectations as to presents that they may or may not receive. ElfMail is a clever app that monitors good behaviour!

If you have Elf on The Shelf, you will love this app!

Examples of popular ElfMail uses include monitoring behaviour:

“Hi Daniel, I noticed you haven’t been doing all your homework this week! I know you’re such a clever boy so please make an extra effort with your school work so I can let Santa know how good you’ve been…”

Many parents have also been using the app alongside the popular ‘Elf on the shelf’:
“Hi Charlie! I’m Mumbles I work with Gingersnap in the NorthPole! Gingersnap is on the way to your house right now and he said he can’t wait to see you! Look for him under the tree tonight he said its the best place to see the TV!”

ElfMail is a great way to get your children excited for the Christmas season and to connect with the Elves in a way you never thought possible before! This app will bring a lot of joy to your family and your children will love the connection and the modern experience.

ElfMail can not only be a fun app for your family this season, but also become a family tradition every Christmas! We know it will be in our house. Enjoy your Christmas season and get ElfMail now!

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