Emma Wiggles Handwashing Song | Exclusive Interview

Emma Wiggles Handwashing Song: The Wiggle’s Handwashing song for UNICEF Australia has been a hit with families all over the world. We interviewed Emma about proper handwashing, how to speak to your young children about the coronavirus and all about The Wiggles!

  1. Emma, what is your advice for parents on how to talk to young children about the coronavirus?


It’s a very abstract concept for children. Instead of talking to them about space between people it seems to be more about reassuring them that they can see their friends on video chat. Also seeing family members, particularly grandparents, being able to video call them keeps them safe.


  1. The Handwashing song is amazing during these times. We love how the song is so fun but gives specific instructions on how to wash properly. Why do you think children learn best from song?


Children learn through play and through action. With the handwashing song it encourages children to join in the action themselves. Washing their hands is an action they are familiar with and feel comfortable about so this song encourages them to do so many times a day.


  1. Tell us about Global Handwashing Day and how our audience can take part.


Global handwashing day is 15th October. The best thing to do is to get involved, you might like to plan an event to celebrate global handwashing day with your school, daycare or neighborhood.


  1. The Wiggles and UNICEF Australia have teamed up to create a very important song for Global Handwashing Day. Tell us what it was like to create this song and to motivate children around the world to wash their hands and make it a positive habit.


It was a lot of fun creating the song and it was a laugh trying to fit ‘handwashing’ in the song and all the key messages. Really the song encourages children to get involved and take the lead washing their hands. Generally all children are taught to wash their hands, so it’s a wonderful positive action that they already feel engaged with.


  1. How can our audience be more involved with UNICEF Australia?


You might like to visit www.unicef.org.au and have a look at all the different ways to get involved from holding you own event, donating, fundraising and just bringing awareness.


  1. Your beautiful calm voice and loving nature makes both parents and children feel safe. Tell us about your passion to teach, enlighten and enrich children.


Awww thank you J. I guess I love encouraging children to express themselves in any way they feel comfortable, whether that is by watching or listening, or through singing, dancing or sign language.


  1. We love that The Wiggles are also recording the hand washing song in a variety of languages so it can reach even more people! Why is this important to the Wiggles to reach all children?

The message is the same across the world. We are hoping to assist in creating more awareness for the importance of hygiene and that handwashing is a key prevention measure. Any way we can bring that to children and families, we will strive to do.


  1. If you could send a message to children who may be feeling a little scared during these times, what would it be?

It’s important for children to reassured at this time. It is our role as adults, caregivers, guardians and parents to make children feel safe. Even though it can be a scary time, and that is ok, it’s imperative for children to express some feelings of fear if they want to. They can always express themselves through a drawing, they can draw a monster as a virus and a big ‘STOP’ sign saying ‘Go away virus!’ and stick that on their door to help them feel like they are taking part in protecting themselves. This is just one option, but involving children in the discussion can be a helpful and healing way.