As parents, we protect our children from harm. We ensure to the best of our ability that we provide them with ample health care and protection. However, sometimes we are the ones who need to protect ourselves. Whether you are diabetic, have seizures or just have extreme allergies, we need to put are health as a priority.

Sometimes, there are emergencies. As caregivers for our children, we may not be able to care for them if we are in public and have a seizure, diabetic reaction or allergic reaction. In other situations, our children are not around us all of the time and if they have an ailment that needs medical attention, we want the first responders to  know what the problem is and how to solve it, effectively and most of all immediately. That’s Where Endevr comes in.


About Endevr

Endevr is a light weight, trendy looking bracelet (that looks great on both genders!)  which can be easily accessed by the school nurse, gym teacher, school teacher, a first responder, or a law enforcement personnel.   We have found that these bracelets are most helpful with little ones when it comes to unknown allergies, any serious unknown medical condition the child may have, if the child wanders off in a store or supermarket, the QR code on the bracelet can be scanned with a smartphone and the child’s vital health information can be accessed to help save the child’s life or in a less scary situation, return the child back to his or her mother. 

With the advancement of technology, Endevr could save you or your child’s life in case of an emergency. A first responder, teacher or law enforcement personnel could just simply take out their cell phone and scan the bracelet. The allergies and ailments will appear so the first responder (whomever they are) can take necessary precautions in getting you or your child the help needed.


Here are some facts about Endevr:

  • Quickly provides complete medical profile information to first responders
  • Optimized for fast access from first responders with QR code or telephone access
  • Hospital pre-notification service for serious & non-life-threatening injuries
  • Easily setup and update your medical profile via computer of smartphone
  • Live 24/7 emergency call center for first responders to access your profile
  • Includes medical profile wallet card & stickers for car and home for complete protection
  • Lifetime subscription to Basic Online Health Profile & free 1 year subscription to Premium Online Health Profile ($9.99/year after that)
  • Fully adjustable fit & available in 3 different colors: white/grey, black/grey, turquoise/black

If you have a diabetic child or a diabetic family member, someone who suffers from seizures, a terrible allergy or a bad reaction to some medications, you will be able to give that information to a first responder by just wearing the bracelet.

You can learn more or purchase the bracelet onEndever  or buy it off of

Stay prepared and stay safe with Endevr!