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The holiday season is finally here! All around there’s cheer, fun songs and familiar scents. Streets and homes are magically decorated and everyone’s enjoying their time off. Yes, Christmas time is a perfect opportunity to bond with your kids and engage in some fun family activities. Soon, you’ll have to commit to your busy schedule again so make sure that this jolly season counts!

Have meaningful talks

Use every morning and breakfast as an opportunity to have deep conversations with your kids or chat about little things. As you eat holiday-spiced breakfast together, you can laugh and enjoy yourselves together with no pressure. Making hot cocoa for everyone is also a great reason to sit down together and relax in this festive atmosphere which will additionally allow you to start conversing and having fun.

Play board games

With Christmas tree glistening in the background and some Christmas carols playing, your family bonding activities can start. Board games may seem boring to you at first, but there are tons of games that are actually fun for both kids and adults. One great advantage of board games is that you get the chance to play together as a family all while enjoying holiday mood. Some would even say that there’s no better way to get to know someone than actually playing board games so this is your chance to reconnect with your kids.

Go for long walks

snow walk

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world. If it’s Christmas time, the scenery will be breathtaking regardless of whether your December is cold or hot. With added Christmas splendor all around, in the town, streets, shops, neighborhoods, etc. you can take your family walks and share some of the unique experiences. Don’t forget to bring your camera to take some memorable photos as well. These will be especially cool if you all goof around with Santa hats or reindeer antlers headbands.

Watch Christmas movies

When it comes to lazy family nights in, there’s nothing that can beat Christmas movies. Make sure to talk to your kids about their favorite movies, or surprise them with something completely new. And don’t forget to prepare the snacks! You don’t have to stick with Christmas theme specifically. For example, Harry Potter marathon can be just as engaging and meaningful for your family bonding but maybe even more entertaining and magical for your kids.

movie snacks

Say yes to games

Holiday season truly brings a lot of possibilities so don’t waste this opportunity on lounging around when you can play with your kids. Board games are great but you can’t really play those all the time. So try to compromise a little bit and get into the festive spirit by joining your kids in their imaginative role play and various other games. Acting like a superhero, running around, singing, jumping and laughing with your kids is the best recipe for great mood, burst of energy as well as deep bonding with your little ones.

Visit the fairs

Around Christmas and New Year there will be numerous fairs and special kid-friendly events around. Make sure to get proper info on what your specific town has to offer and remember to take your kids there. A family visit to these fun and entertaining shows will definitely mean a lot to your children and you’ll get the chance to feel young again, too.

Make it special

baby's first christmas

If you’re spending your first Christmas with your baby, make sure that you put all your effort in making the atmosphere truly special and magical. By using a comfortable baby carrier, you can carry your child around as you freely tend to Christmas décor, show them how sparkly Christmas lights are, play with the tree and ornaments, etc. You can also use this opportunity to dance with your baby, hug and kiss to the tunes of some endearing Christmas carols. Rediscover the magic of Christmas time so that you can gift it to your little bundle of you.

Do you have some other inspiring ideas on spending quality time with your kids during the holidays? Well, whatever it is that you enjoy doing, make sure to stay bright and positive. That way, the festivities and jolly spirit will definitely find their way to your child’s heart. Such happiness is contagious and unconditionally shared, so make sure that you don’t miss even a pinch of it.