Having a newborn or a little baby is so exciting for many different reasons. One of everyone’s favorite memories of their baby is watching them interact with music. From listening to a song to watching someone else play an instrument, their is something magical about watching a baby with music. EVA SENSORY SOUNDSCAPES: My FIRST BEATS was created to INSPIRE both your little ones and yourself with these relaxing, soothing melodies that get your child thinking and interacting with the world around them! Written and preformed by Ben Ridley, this is great for the pregnant Mother to listen to, a newborn baby to relax to or even your toddler to dance around!

My first

The rhythm is like a beating heart which helps your little ones keep tempo or your babies relax to the familiar sounds mixed perfectly with music.  We love that little Eva Ridley and her delightful noises have been incorporated into this wonderful CD.

We think music bonds a baby with the world and you want to make sure it is the right music to introduce to your little one. My First Beats is up for that challenge, with its rhythm and sounds set to inspire your little baby to open up his or her eyes to a big world and get that little brain flowing with new ideas, while making the connection to music. Could you have a budding musician or song writer on your hands? Only time will tell!

This is a great Baby Shower gift for that new Mom expecting or something to pick up for your own little ones to enjoy, learn and relax. We think that parents will benefit from the soothing rhythms just as much as children. It’s nice to listen to when you are trying to wind down at the end of your day.