Every so often, a special book comes along that helps families become stronger. In the case of Family Changes: Explaining Divorce To Children, this book can unite families of divorce.

Young children struggle with the concept of divorce. Parents have a hard time sifting through the truth and what is age appropriate to tell their children. However, for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary aged children, its a concept that they just can’t wrap their head around. They do not understand why it cannot just get better, why parents can’t just make up and go back to normal. Most of all, children can blame themselves and experience feelings of pain, anxiety and fear. Worst of all, many younger children cannot put these feelings into words.

A special book has been created by author Azmaira H. Maker, Ph.D. Family Changes is about a lovely little bunny whose parents are going through a divorce.We see main character Zoey, struggle with her feelings of confusion, anger and sadness. Mommy and Daddy bunny use honest, yet age appropriate ways to comfort and explain to Zoey that she is loved by both parents even though things are changing. Author Azmaira H. Maker is a clinical psychologist who specializes in child development, therapy and psychotherapy. You know your child’s thoughts, feelings and struggles were considered highly in the making of this book.family


Illustrator Polona Lovsin gives us stunning pictures that captivate the young reader who may be frightened initially to read this book.


Children who are going through a divorce should have this on their book shelf. It can be a great piece to be used in a family conversation. If your child comes from a home where the parents are together, they can still benefit from this book. Even though they may not be going through this challenges, rest assured, some of their friends are and this can come as a great aid to them in understanding.

We recommend this book for all families who are looking to talk honestly, openly and kindly about divorce for young children.

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