Expressing love this Valentine’s Day through Origami

Valentine’s Day is a great way to show love to your loved ones. We always look for Valentine’s Day crafts to express our love for others and also to teach our children some new skill sets. Handmade cards are always the best and we wanted to really have a unique idea this year. Arts and crafts are fun with kids. What about origami?

Origami Gift From Tuttle Publishing

Tuttle Publishing had our answer for the perfect Valentine’s Day craft and present. They generously sent us an origami set for us to let our creative hearts soar!

We decided to get the whole family involved in our Valentine’s Day project!

The art of Origami allows you to transform a piece for paper into all kinds of things, from animals to interesting shapes.

We focused on letter folding. It allows us to manipulate a piece of paper to turn it into a beautiful and unique greeting card, highlight a page in a scrapbook, or our favorite, and write a secret message.

In Japan, these elaborate cards are usually attached to gifts and can be shaped into appropriate symbols. Cranes represent long life!


Origami Love Notes

Our Origami Love Notes package from Tuttle came with those most easy to understand origami book. It gave me so many choices to decide what kind of Valentine to send. From Stand up or Send it Valentines to my personal favorite, “Love in a Bloom Card.” I knew that this would be the most memorable Valentine’s Day card!

What I loved is that my little one could join in the fun! I decided to set her on her own task, to fill a jar with origami stars. It looks pretty all year round, is a great skill to learn and by adding some lace to the jar, it can make a perfect keepsake.


Origami is easy and once you get into its rhythm, it is a breeze. You do not have to worry about cutting or gluing as this is the art of folding paper.

There are so many different Valentines that you can choose from like the Seal with A Heart Valentine or the Rosette Card. You can make these for your partner, get your kids to make them for their besties, or spread the love at work or school.

Origami does not only make a thoughtful gift, but it is a keepsake. It’s a beautiful form of art and a great conversation piece.